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If you hadn’t become a lawyer, what would you do?

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | January 6, 2013

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So, according to one source there are two lawyers now for every lawyer job.

This is obviously bad news for recent grads. And it certainly means that there is plenty of competition.  However, lawyering is one of those lucky professions where self-employment is still possible.  That means that that at least one job is always available.

Nevertheless, this situation raises an interesting question: What would you, Mr. or Ms. Attorney-at-Law, do if you hadn’t become a lawyer?

In my case, I think I might have become a salesman.  What to sell?  Good question.

It should be something that people want and need. Something that costs more than a pittance.  Something I like and know about.  And it should be something that will never go out of style.

That last one is tough.  So many things that were once fixtures have become passé.  And of course, the demise of many products and services wasn’t obvious before it happened.

Perhaps it would be real estate I’d sell.  That’s a subject I found interesting in law school.  In fact, a law degree would be very helpful.

I think I could enjoy selling real estate very much. But, not necessarily houses.  Something bigger. Perhaps downtown office buildings.

Thirty-some years ago, I knew a man who did just that. He was quite elderly, but also quite spry.  According to popular legend, he had arranged the sale of every building in downtown Pittsburgh at least once during his long career. He ate lunch every day at the Duquesne Club.  But he rode the bus to and from work.

He continuously smoked large cigars.  One day he threw a partially extinguished one in the waste basket and the drapes caught on fire.  The damage wasn’t too bad, but there was a lot of smoke.

One day, I heard him telling a friend in the elevator that if the management company didn’t stop bothering him about it, he was going to buy the building.

That’s the kind of real estate saleman I want to be!


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