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Noisy Neighbor? Consider Moving.

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | January 28, 2018

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Here’s an AVVO Answer Question I answered today.  The noisy neighbor problem is a common one in apartment buildings and is especially vexatious when the Landlord will do nothing about it. In some communities, the Landlord has an incentive to evict a noisy tenant because the municipality will charge the owner ( landlord) for the cost of police calls after two.  We call it “three strikes you’re out” and it probably works, with the exception of domestic battles.

Landlords probably should threaten eviction anyway, assuming the lease is explicit in stating that disturbing the neighbors is a violation.  Your bad tenants will drive out the good ones.  And they will appreciate you going to bat for them.

Always bear in mind that there is a potential for violence in situations like this.  Keep your cool and your distance.

If any lawyers post comments with any better ideas, I’ll pick them up in a later post.



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