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Gratitude on Memorial Day

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | May 27, 2018

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Gratitude is an empowering emotion. It overcomes selfishness and petty quarrels. It makes us better and stronger.

Whether or not we realize it, gratitude can be paired with other emotions like sadness or joy. So many of those emotions are reflexive, responses to the events of our lives. But we don’t have wait for a feeling of gratitude to come in response to an outside stimulus. We can choose to be grateful anywhere, anytime and even when terrible things are happening. In  tragic times, people often step forward to help. They can be strangers or friends we never properly appreciated. Be grateful for that.

And when we focus on feeling grateful for the good things we have been given, we sweep away base feelings like anger, hatred and jealousy.

Memorial Day is about gratitude.  But those who died in battle are not the only ones who have earned our heartfelt thanks.  To all of you who have made our world a better place, thank you for your service.



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