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Don’t Try This At Home, Kids.

No. 911 Under the guise of passion for his cause, Joe Biden engaged in a lot of interruptions, talk-overs, derisive laughter and just plain rudeness. ┬áThe moderator in the Vice Presidential Debate ignored Mr. Biden’s bad behavior, but if you are representing yourself in front of a magistrate, arbitration panel or judge, don’t try to […]

Accusations Against Justice Baldwin While Acting as GC at Penn State Should Not Be Taken As Fact.

Justice Baldwin has had a distinguished career of service that can be matched by few others in this Commonwealth. She is entitled to the presumption that she represented Penn State in a prudent and effective manner.

Anger Management

No. 836 John Elash has been a hard-working and effective criminal defense lawyer for almost 40 years. So, its a little disconcerting to know that he may be remembered for an incident where he lost his cool and lost control, too. ┬áThe Post-Gazette is not the only news outlet reporting that he assaulted his long-time […]

Casey Anthony Verdict: Give Credit Where Due.

Is it possible, just possible, that defense counsel may have had something to do with the outcome?

Getting All Choked Up In Wisconsin.

Just in case you think we play hardball politics here in Pennsylvania, read what goes on in Wisconsin. Yes, this Republican male justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court really did attempt o choke this Democratic female Justice. Around here we call that judicial misconduct and we have a Board for that. In Wisconsin, they call it political discourse.


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