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If everyone is unhappy is the court dispensing justice?

No. 1,445 Setting the thermostat at 72º is not a bad decision.  There are others to consider beside these two outliers, after all.  There is no win-win here.  But there is a lose-lose. Or is there?  One can wear two sweaters, while the other can set up a small fan.

Bad decision: Engineer leaves voicemail about cracks in the bridge.

No. 1,444 According to this article in the Miami Herald, the fact that cracks started to appear in the Florida International University Foot Bridge (which collapsed when it had been used for only a few days) was not necessarily bad news. Maybe so, but that won’t sound very convincing to the jury, will it? I […]

Rules, rules, rules.

No. 1,434 I just heard a doctor on the radio who contracted Lymes Disease and after being wheelchair bound and in excruciating pain for a year and a half, effected a cure, partly through experimenting with herbal medicines.  He says that we have a Lymes pandemic in semi rural locations in Western Pennsylvania and that […]

“Resulting” — How We Think Good Decisions Were Bad and Vice Versa.

No. 1,417 When our team wins, how often do we admit it was luck?  Almost never. But we are guilty of thinking that a decision is good or bad, depending upon the outcome.  That phenomenon is called resulting. Professional Poker Player Annie Duke has developed a social science approach to decision-making.  She points out that […]


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