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Ok, Admit It! You Think You’re a Genius Too, But You Won’t Say So In Public.

No. 1,391 Donald Trump probably should have just ignored the publication of “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House”, but that would have been out of character.  This President strikes back when criticized and this occasion would be no exception. Michael Wolff portrayed him as a low-intellect, television watching, undisciplined and incompetent man-child without […]

No Living Thing Lives Forever, Not Even the Jackson Magnolia.

Although some live long, no living thing lives forever. This truth is known by all, but this humans we are always striving for a little more time.

Reliving the Vietnam Experience.

No. 1,354 Ken Burns’ Vietnam War just completed its original run tonight. It is the saga of my generation, coming of age in the turbulent ’60’s.  Watching those familiar scenes of bombings and firefights made me feel profoundly sad.  One good friend said that seeing it all again made her remember how angry she had […]

Why Didn’t We All Know That This Man Was Living and Teaching in Our City?

No. 1,348


No. 1,327         Yes,Greek, ancient Greek, that is (νίκη). Yes, it means victory or conquest. Yes it is the same word as the Greek Goddess that we call Nike. But which victory is referenced on this particular carving? If you think you know, give me the answer in the comment box in the […]

Who Is the Worst President?

No. 1,307 Every few years on President’s Day, somebody conducts a survey of history professors to determine the rankings of Presidents.  Lincoln always wins and Washington is always second.  The two Roosevelts follow behind. There hasn’t been much movement in these top ranks.  James Buchanan has been ranked at the bottom of this poll.  The […]

Now that we’ve deposed McKinley, lets rename Mt. Rushmore.

Who was Rushmore anyway? A nobody. He was an attorney who used to come to that location to hunt. Look it up.

The First Amendment and “Falsely Shouting Fire in a Crowded Theater” .

Everybody knows the aphorism about falsely shouting fire in a crowded theater. I am pretty sure that I heard it for the first time in class in elementary school and then countless times thereafter. The concept is universally accepted, or is as close to universal acceptance as any such statement is likely to be.

Magna Carta Translated.

There are several originals of Magna Carta in existence. I saw one of them in 1957 at the Jamestown Festival, commemorating the 350th Anniversary of the settlement in Virginia. I remember being impressed by what a medieval document actually looked like. While others whizzed by it, I stood and looked for quite a while. I remember having a conversation with the armed guard, who told me I would be learning about Magna Carta in school.

Please Read Somebody Else’s Blog Post about Former Justice John Paul Stevens.

This Blog Post about former Justice John Paul Stevens will brighten your day. It appears in Neil Steinberg’s Blog: Every Goddamn Day. There is no point in me embellishing on Steinberg’s riveting story. Just read it.

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