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Bad links and the Obituary to End All

No. 1,302 If you cannot open a link, let me know in the message box in the right-hand column of this blog and I will email the item to you. I recently received an inquiry from a reader stating that the obituary in No. 1,300 would not open.  I tried it and it worked for me. […]

All the Comforts of Home.

No. 1,268

LOL with “Lowering the Bar”

Kevin writes books, too, such as “The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance”. He assures us that this is a work of non-fiction and that all of the laws, ordinances, etc. in this book a real — or at least were before they were laughed out of existence.

“Thanks, Dan” is real lawyer advertising — for now

No. 1,004 Yes, Virginia, the You Tube production below is a real lawyer advertisement.  And, of course, the embarrassment is all ours, Pittsburgh lawyers!  Those are the front steps of our venerable 114 year-old Allegheny County Court House where Dan plies his trade in the Criminal Division of our venerable Common Pleas Court. This video, […]

Jurassic Park 4

No. 976  

If you can’t make it to England this summer, perhaps Cambridge Mass. will do:

No. 950 From the Slums of Harvard Blog: Happy Summer solstice! How did you celebrate the longest day of the year? Taken by SlumsOfHarvard Many times I have been tempted to knock on the door of this house and talk with the owner of this this mini FauxHenge to ask if they would rent me their yard for […]

Sequester this!

No. 934 If you read Politico.com, you’ve been getting a steady diet of articles about the Sequester. Not that this diet has been all that tasty.*  The Administration is warning about plagues of locusts, asteroids and various other cataclysmic events occurring.  Of course, the President must not really believe the seriousness of his own predictions […]

Rumpole Redux!

We thought we had heard the last of Horace Rumpole, several times. Last time out (2005) he told us the story of the Penge Bungelow Murders, his great early case that put a very young Rumpole on the front page of the Sunday Times. He more or less said goodbye at the end of the book. But no — in his parlance, he keeps coming back like a bloody opera singer.

Screenshot: Thanks, Law is Cool.com

No. 864

Client Correspondence

No. 832     Thanks to The Lawyerist.

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