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Federal “Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act” is Back

However, this law has been reenacted in SB 2155, the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act, which was signed by the President earlier this week. The law requires a ninety-day notification to vacate by the new owner to the hold-over tenant under a bonfire lease. Loan servicing industry publication D S News , which has followed the progress of SB2155, seemed surprised to discover that this re-enactment had occurred.  From the lender’s point of view, this lengthens the time required to obtain possession of the collateral.  From the tenant’s point of view, until the sheriff’s hammer falls, the lease term may not have ended and it may not be safe to simply leave.

Recovery of Real Property Action is Not Just for Landlords and Tenants

No. 1,493  

Brevity is the Soul of . . .

No. 1,473

Seattle Ordinance Requiring Acceptance of First Qualified Tenant Struck Down By Court

No. 1,456 A judge in Seattle struck down the city ordinance requiring a landlord to accept the first qualified tenant, involving a legal theory known as the “implicit bias rule.” The court recognized that dealings between a landlord and tenant  involve a long-term contractual relationship.  A variety of non-discriminatory factors may enter into the decision-making […]

AVVO ANSWER: Tenant wants to sue landlord after house is condemned as unfit for human habitation.

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Notice to Quit must Be in writing and hand-delivered; but may be waived in the lease.

No. 1,410

Noisy Neighbor? Consider Moving.

No. 1,407 Here’s an AVVO Answer Question I answered today.  The noisy neighbor problem is a common one in apartment buildings and is especially vexatious when the Landlord will do nothing about it. In some communities, the Landlord has an incentive to evict a noisy tenant because the municipality will charge the owner ( landlord) […]

The Executor or Administrator of the Estate of a residential tenant may terminate the lease early.

No. 1,404 The Landlord and Tenant Act was amended in 2011 to give the executor or administrator of a deceased tenant who was the sole resident of a residential unit the right to terminate the lease upon 14 days’ written notice to the landlord.  The termination will be effective on the last day of the […]

ZONING: Can a zoned single family residence be rented for short-term occupancy?

No. 1,380 SLICE OF LIFE, LLC v. HAMILTON TOWNSHIP ZHB, 164 A.3d 633 (2017) The Township Zoning Officer issued an enforcement notice charging Slice of Life, LLC with violation of an ordinance creating a single family residential district where the property [Property] was located by “[u]se of [the Property] as Hotel and/or other types of transient […]

Qualified Tenant Cannot Be Rejected under Seattle City Ordinance.

No. 1,379 The City of Seattle has adopted an ordinance requiring a landlord to accept the first qualified applicant.  The idea is to screen out all housing discrimination, including unconscious bias.  Of course, we can all think of reasons for rejecting a prospective tenant that are hard to quantify, like a bad attitude. No matter […]

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