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Continuing Legal Education Seminars

No. 1,281 During the past 5 years I have given seminars for lawyers several times per year at the Community College of Allegheny County, including the following topics: • Landlord–Tenant Litigation • Defending Mortgage Foreclosure Actions • Preliminary Objections • The Law of Contracts Applied to Real Estate • The Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and […]

Seminar Update

No. 1,263 I will be participating in a Pennsylvania Bar Institute seminar at the PBI education facility in Pittsburgh on Landlord Tenant Law next Wednesday, June 29.  The seminar topics go beyond the basics, including such areas a utility shut off, fair housing and human relations and eviction procedures. I will also participate in a […]

What Have You and I Learned in the Last Ten Years?

No. 1,237 Summary: You’ve learned much more than you might think in the last ten years. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Bloggingheads.tv asked some of its best known contributors “Have You Learned Anything in the Last Ten Years?”  Good Question. One of the respondents, a law professor, said she was too old to learn anything. […]

UTPCPL Seminar at CCAC a Success.

No. 1,195 Last night, August 3, I gave a 3 hour Continuing Legal Education Seminar on Unfair Trade Practices Consumer Protection Law Litigation.  Based upon reaction from the students, lawyers earning their CLE credits, the seminar was a success. I’ll be giving it again on August 13 at the CCAC West Hills at 6:30 PM. […]

Law Grad Job Report: Duquesne Beats Pitt (slightly).

No. 1,148 If you are thinking about going to law school, you may want to also think about getting a job when you are finished.  If you peruse this report, you’ll learn that Penn grads had the best hire rate among law schools in the Northeast.  But if your grades are not up to the […]

Brevity is the Soul of What?

No. 1,133 The Federal judiciary is proposing to limit briefs to 12,500 words.  The current limit is 14,000. The advocates of the Rule change are mostly judges.The opponents are  primarily appellate lawyers who worry that they might commit malpractice if they fail to cite a case or state every argument they can invent. Of course, […]

There are 63,633 Lawyers in PA now. What do they do all day?

New lawyers are pushed out of the nest, like so many baby robins, and forced to find a market for themselves in the cruel, cruel world. And, for the most part, eventually they do. As time passes, they also find needs that are underserved and they fill them. And if the client is not satisfied, there are plenty of other lawyers to try. Actually, 63,633 and counting. The class of 2014 just graduated.

FOR REAL ESTATE BROKERS AND AGENTS: You can still sign up for my seminar on Real Estate Contract Law with CCAC

This course will review cases decided by the Pennsylvania appellate courts. The classes will be interactive. If don’t ask me enough questions, I’ll start asking you some. Lose your inhibitions — you’ll never see these people again anyway.

FOR LAWYERS — Book Review: “Legal Rainmaking Myths: What You Think You Know About Business Development Can Kill Your Practice.” By Julie A. Fleming, J. D.

No. 1,005 Julie A. Fleming is a legal marketing guru who used to practice law.  She wrote  “The Reluctant Rainmaker”  with the lawyer in mind who cringes at the idea of looking for business.  Her second book, “Seven Foundations of Time Mastery for Attorneys” recognizes that lawyers have unique productivity problems which require unique solutions. […]

Post No. 1,000: An Interview with Professor Alfred Pelaez

We teach English-speaking law students from all over the world. Our students come from across the United States, Canada, Europe, — most of the European Union countries have sent students to our class — Australia, Japan. Students who want to get their feet wet and get a little bit of an understanding of the Chinese legal system.

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