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Good Luck, Bad Luck, Perseverance and Doing the Impossible.

No. 1,323 While it is easy to complain about bad luck when our team loses, not too many of us attribute victory to luck. But the truth is, both bad and good luck have a role and probably a bigger one than we are willing to admit. The key is not to let bad luck […]

Please Read Somebody Else’s Blog Post about Former Justice John Paul Stevens.

This Blog Post about former Justice John Paul Stevens will brighten your day. It appears in Neil Steinberg’s Blog: Every Goddamn Day. There is no point in me embellishing on Steinberg’s riveting story. Just read it.

“You will Act Like the Sort of Person You Consider Yourself to Be.” — Maxwell Maltz

No. 1,162 OR CAT.

Old Dogs/New Tricks and Other Bunk We Tell Ourselves.

No. 1,135 It is hard to think of an old adage that is more disempowering than this one. It is a negative idea, intended to discourage old dogs from even trying to learn something. ┬áIn a rapidly changing world, this leads to the marginalization of some of our most experienced and capable people. As a […]

Ten Most Fascinating People

No, I do not intend to watch Barbara Walters’ Special. Hardly any of the people she names as the world’s most are that terribly fascinating to me.

Every New Day is a Gift

It is wonderful to wake up every morning since having quintuple bypass surgery. It is wonderful to hear that I am recovering and will soon be better than ever.

Daylight Spending Time

We’ve all heard others (not us) complain about how there are not enough hours in the day. Well, once a year they get their wish. Today, November 2, 2014 is a 25 hour day. Of course, we have been saving it since Sunday March 9, when we all had a 23 hour day. But foe what?What are you going to do with the 25th hour?

I am Blessed . . .

I am blessed. I must strive to be worthy of the blessing.


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