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Magna Carta Translated.

There are several originals of Magna Carta in existence. I saw one of them in 1957 at the Jamestown Festival, commemorating the 350th Anniversary of the settlement in Virginia. I remember being impressed by what a medieval document actually looked like. While others whizzed by it, I stood and looked for quite a while. I remember having a conversation with the armed guard, who told me I would be learning about Magna Carta in school.

Please Read Somebody Else’s Blog Post about Former Justice John Paul Stevens.

This Blog Post about former Justice John Paul Stevens will brighten your day. It appears in Neil Steinberg’s Blog: Every Goddamn Day. There is no point in me embellishing on Steinberg’s riveting story. Just read it.

Every New Day is a Gift

It is wonderful to wake up every morning since having quintuple bypass surgery. It is wonderful to hear that I am recovering and will soon be better than ever.

Pittsburgh Legal Back Talk is Six Years Old.

Very few blogs are alive and well after six years. Several lawyers I know ran out of ideas after about 6 posts. Blogging is all about fresh thoughts. Where do they come from? Everywhere and nowhere. They come suddenly when you are not thinking about your next post.

Thank you, AVVO

AVVO, the organization that inter alia, provides the public with ratings for lawyers, has increased my rating to 10.0. That’s the ceiling for AVVO ratings. Thank you, AVVO.

Saturday Night Massacre, Constitutional Edition

Who says judges don’t work on weekends? At 5:30 PM this evening, Saturday March 22, 2014, the Sixth Circuit Court of appeals issued an order halting the issuing of marriage licenses in Michigan to same-sex couples after a US District Court decision holding Michigan’s referendum prohibiting same sex marriages. Read all about it in SCOTUS Blog.

A Day of Gratitude

I am grateful for parents, family, teachers, mentors and colleagues who gave much without asking for anything in return. But I am grateful most of all to clients, many of whom have trusted me with the most important assets in their lives.

To all of you, thank you.

Going Forward into Year Six

In year six of this blog, I pledge to write more analysis of current cases, especially Pennsylvania appellate cases.

The Kind of Obituary I wish Someone Would Write About Me — Just Not Yet.

No. 910 This biographical appreciation is worth much more than the price of a few minutes of reading.  Honest. CLT

Watergate Turns 40

No. 855 Isn’t it amazing?  The third class burglary that brought down a President happened 40 years ago. It appears to be one of the most important events in the 20th Century and in American History.  The consequences were multiple. One response:  they started teaching a required course in Ethics in law school. Another was […]

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