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The Power of Hustle.

No.1,457 Last evening in Detroit, in the longest, highest scoring opening day game in Pirate history, Gregory Polanco hit a three run homer in the thirteenth inning to break the 10-10 tie and win the game. During Spring Training, the Pirate broadcasters observed that Polanco, who had a disappointing last season, was really hustling.  Good. […]

Growing the Culture of Winning.

No. 1,421 Pirate third baseman David Freese arrived at spring training and gave a candid answer to the question of the hour. What’s wrong with the Pirates?  He is quoted extensively this morning in the Post Gazette.  Here’s some of it: “My opinion is I don’t think we lost 87 games because [Starling] Marte wasn’t […]

Feeling frustrated? Work it off with a little axe throwing.

No. 1,398 There are a multiplicity of reasons.  Steelers, Pirates, snow, arctic temperatures.  There are a multiplicity of reasons to work off all that aggression you feel.  So why not go down to Millvale and throw a few axes.  Here’s where.  You may not wish to take your spouse or boss along, though. CLT

Getting Over It.

No. 1,396 Its great to live in a city with competitive sports teams.  It builds a sense of community.  It breeds optimism.  There is something exciting to look forward to in an otherwise nondescript week. But don’t lose sight of the fact that we are only spectators.  There is nothing we personally can do to […]

Darkness at the Corner of Walk and Don’t Walk: Goodbye KQV!

No. 1,388 Goodbye to Pioneering Radio Station KQV. It was one of a handful stations like KDKA and WWSW that people listened to on crystal sets in the early 1920’s. After a 97 year run, it goes off the air tonight at midnight. Although it has been an all-news station since 1975, the Baby Boomer […]

Yes, Virginia, there is a Christmas Pickle, no matter what your little friends may say.

No. 1,381 Its supposed to be an old German tradition, although it has been said that no one from Germany admits knowing about it. A pickle hung on the Christmas tree is supposed to bring good luck and an extra present to the child who finds it.  There are various stories about it.  In one, […]

Three “Passive Houses” to be built in Highland Park — homes of the future.

Architect Laura Nettleton of Thoughtful Balance has designed three homes to be built soon in the Highland Park neighborhood which will be constructed by Ecocraft Homes.

Prince Who?

No. 1,350 Yes, its true.  A whole bunch of people signed a petition to replace a statue of Columbus in the Minnesota Capitol with one of Prince.  And in case you asked the reasonable question — “Prince who?” — it refers to the author of Purple Rain who died not too long ago of multiple […]

Why Didn’t We All Know That This Man Was Living and Teaching in Our City?

No. 1,348

No, It is not a Ketchup Bottle that was Stomped. Its Art, You Philistine!

No. 1,143 Its a Pittsburgh thing.  If you don’t get it, turn in your badge.

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