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No, It is not a Ketchup Bottle that was Stomped. Its Art, You Philistine!

No. 1,143 Its a Pittsburgh thing.  If you don’t get it, turn in your badge.

Remembering Sophie Maslov

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Pirates Have the Best Fireworks.

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Pittsburgh Parking Court is Organized.

No. 1,067 Back in the day, in the old Public Safety Building, appealing a parking ticket was an experience.  Large crowds, long waits. Limited seating in an overheated room. Lots of noise and occasionally flaring tempers. And, worst of all, it was hard to find a place to park near the Public Safety Building. Not […]

Texas Court Holds that Heinz Has Trademark Right to Its Ketchup Bottle Design

At least in Texas, the Heinz ketchup bottle cannot be duplicated.

Let it Go, Mr. Sanchez!

As the season was about to begin, Sanchez drew a lot attention around the country for his selection of walk-on music. Thats the song that is played while a batter is walking up to the plate. He chose the song “Let it Go” from the Disney cartoon feature film “Frozen.” The reason for the attention was obvious. But times are changing and so are the stereotypical expectations that we impose upon each other and ourselves.

Pittsburgh’s Fourth of July Fireworks . . . Plus

No. 952 Credit: Daily Mail, UK

Of Luck, Skill and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

No. 947 When the Islanders won the second and fourth games of the quarter-finals with the Penguins, panic set in on the streets of Pittsburgh. How could this happen to what the fans regarded as the best team in hockey? The answer is, of course, quite easily.  As a post in Freakonomics pointed out during […]

What Would You Do?, Part 2.

No. 930 When I recently asked the question”What would you do if you hadn’t become a lawyer?”, Adrian Baron, the Nutmeg Lawyer, wrote a comment that he probably would have ended up working on Wall Street. Today’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ran a feature story in the business section about Chris Donahue, a grad of Pitt Law […]

Whalebone Bank

Nevertheless, through more than a century of change, the wealth and welfare of the community still remains central to the successors of neighborhood associations that started in the back rooms of bars and other retail establishments like dairy stores.

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