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Calling all Concierges!

No. 1,401 We all know what a concierge used to be.  It was the person at a desk by the door of a hotel who not only recommended a restaurant, but made your reservations.  The concierge often could straighten out your airline tickets or any number of problems that travelers encounter but don’t have the […]

Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Lawyers.

No. 1,339   For a very long time, we have been aware that law schools have been producing more lawyers than the market required.  Yet, they kept on enrolling.  So, when USA Today runs a story about the first accredited law school to plan to close, is it even news? This story has been beaten […]

Is Your Lawyer Happy In His/Her Work?

No. 1,227 Summary:  While some lawyers are subject to depression due to stress, there are many who enjoy their work and achieve satisfaction from helping people and solving problems. Happy lawyers do good work for their clients. I ran across a short post from Time Magazine last night called “High Paying Jobs That Will Make […]

Robotic Lawyers and Other Science Fiction About the Future.

No. 1,136 A filler article in USA Today recently listed “small-time” lawyers as a professional group that will not exist in 15 years. It states that computers will take over the services presently being performed by these lawyers. Such predictions are not new. The age of artificial intelligence is dawning.  The IBM Watson computer, which beat […]

Some think: “Legal Ethics are to Ethics as [fill in your own answer].”

So, I read in my favorite Blog, The Nutmeg Lawyer, that it might be risking disbarment in North Carolina for a lawyer to represent himself as a specialist if he does not hold the appropriate certification. A little over the top, perhaps, but point well taken.

FOR LAWYERS — Book Review: “Legal Rainmaking Myths: What You Think You Know About Business Development Can Kill Your Practice.” By Julie A. Fleming, J. D.

No. 1,005 Julie A. Fleming is a legal marketing guru who used to practice law.  She wrote  “The Reluctant Rainmaker”  with the lawyer in mind who cringes at the idea of looking for business.  Her second book, “Seven Foundations of Time Mastery for Attorneys” recognizes that lawyers have unique productivity problems which require unique solutions. […]

“Thanks, Dan” is real lawyer advertising — for now

No. 1,004 Yes, Virginia, the You Tube production below is a real lawyer advertisement.  And, of course, the embarrassment is all ours, Pittsburgh lawyers!  Those are the front steps of our venerable 114 year-old Allegheny County Court House where Dan plies his trade in the Criminal Division of our venerable Common Pleas Court. This video, […]

If you hadn’t become a lawyer, what would you do?

One day, I heard him telling a friend in the elevator that if the management company didn’t stop bothering him about it, he was going to buy the building.

Doc Review, Is There No End to the Humiliation?

No. 892 I suspect that most lawyers who participate in doc review projects find the experience, well, not good for the ego.  So here’s a study that says that High School students can do better.  Of course, even geniuses go through high school, so perhaps the sample was not statistically valid.  Then again, there is […]

“Predictive Coding” is a trend worth noting.

No. 849 Electronic discovery is so expensive that it has heretofore been confined to cases involving high stakes.  However, a variety of technologies have emerged that sometimes enable searchers to cull out a vast number of documents.  The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported on a Virginia federal case in which the court  authorized the use of Predictive […]

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