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Signs of the Times: Is it Either or Both?

No. 1,390

Not Much Ever Happens In Lakeville.

No. 1,275

Signs of the Times: Cell Phone Penalties Rise, But Rules Are Ignored.

No. 1,261 If your cell phone rings in the courtroom in the Allegheny County Common Pleas Criminal Division, expect it to be confiscated and expect to pay the Clerk of Courts $175.00 (according to one tipstaff) to get it back. An older sign stated that the penalty was $50.00. ¬†Apparently that didn’t work. Nevertheless, at […]

If You Don’t Know What This Sign Means, You Don’t Need to Know

No. 1,258  

If Deer Could Read . . .

No. 1,219 THEY WOULD STAY ON THE PATH. Excuse me, but I think I’ll stay out of the park entirely. And what kind of permit is required to do what?

Signs of the Times: Laying Down the Law at the Butler County Courthouse.

This sign was posted outside a courtroom in the Butler County Court House. Justice is not blind in all cases.

In the Event . . .

No. 1,132 Sign on inside door in an arbitration room in the Washington County Court House Annex. ¬†They have security at the door, but we cannot be too careful. So we can be properly prepared, how do we know if the voice on the other side of the door is an official or a shooter […]

Ten Most Fascinating People

No, I do not intend to watch Barbara Walters’ Special. Hardly any of the people she names as the world’s most are that terribly fascinating to me.

One More Sign of the Times.

No. 1,084

Signage Only a Lawyer Could Love.

No. 1,080  


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