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Question:Are the Russians Writing in Ads for the Pennsylvania Primary Campaign?

No. 1,490 Answer: No, the 2016 Russian ads are mild compared to the worst of this year’s home-grown ones. Campaign ads are becoming increasingly mean and often lack fairness and truthfulness.  But this year’s current crop in Pennsylvania exceeds the worst of the worst.  The Russian ads that appeared on social media in 2016, some […]

PBI says it will Continue to Operate as a Department of Pa. Bar Association

No. 1,487 The following message appeared in my email today.  Maybe you received it too.

To Do List

No. 1,486 Here’s a few things that may not make your to d0 list in a busy law practice:  Update software. File papers. Put away files. Review dockets. Clean up the computer desk top. Clean up the real-life desk top. Scan documents. Make notes on important items that cross your mind. Send thank you emails, […]

PA Bar Governors Vote to Disband Pa Bar Institute

No. 1,484 In a surprise move the Pennsylvania Bar Association Board of Governors voted to disband the PBI. Here is the full article, published in Law 360, this evening. Pennsylvania Bar To Dissolve Its Legal Education Arm By Matt Fair A mid-April vote to dismiss PBI’s governing body and wind up the organization came in […]

Fireworks Display on Film

No. 1,481 Art must be accepted on its own terms.  So, Avengers: Infinity War must be judged within the superhero genre developed by Marvel Studios. I don’t have the right to have an opinion on that subject. I guess I am just not a fan. It seems to me to be one too-long special effects […]

Living in the Present

No. 1,480 I read a lot of stuff on the internet extolling the value of living in the present.  It is an idea that was undoubtedly an ancient one when the Buddha, about 2,500 years ago advised: Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present […]

When Did Stephen Foster Become So Politically Incorrect?

No. 1,479 Why is no one protesting the removal of the statue of Stephen Foster, a Pittsburgh composer and an important figure in American history?  And why do the powers that be feel compelled to replace it with a statue of somebody (the candidates are all black women) whom you probably haven’t heard about and […]

Eighty-two Words About Encouragement

No. 1,477 We all know that sports teams usually win more games at home than on the road.  While not the only factor, having a large, enthusiastic cheering section is a big reason. Don’t be stingy about offering encouragement to people in your life who are dealing with a challenge.  Tell them that they are […]

What are we afraid of?

No. 1,474 I hear that Joe Biden decided not to run for President in 2016 because he was afraid of what the Clintons might do in retaliation. Maybe that was a legitimate concern.  We don’t have enough information to say. However, we are often constrained by fear from doing what we want to do or […]

Predicting the Future

No. 1,470 While driving around last Friday afternoon I heard numerous predictions of the outcome and score of Friday night’s hockey game.  The Penguins had won every game against the Philadelphia Flyers during the regular season.  The first playoff game had been a 7-0 slaughter.  The Flyer’s goalie situation was a mess.  The Penguins had […]

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