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Liverpool on the Mon

No. 1,324 We sometimes stop for breakfast on Sunday at a neighborhood sports bar/restaurant.  At 10 AM on Sunday morning about the only thing going on is soccer broadcast live from Europe and yesterday it was Midland v Liverpool in the Premier League.  The place was quite full, but it often is, sometimes even on […]

Facebook: Too Much Sharing, Not Enough Content.

No. 1,322 I don’t have a Facebook  page and I won’t read yours, either.  Sorry, I am too busy.  And most of the stuff you post there is none of my business anyway. Litigants are always reading each other’s entries and coming up with potentially embarrassing information.  Somehow, mortal enemies manage to gain access to […]

Are You a Hunter?

No. 1,321 Through over 90% of the history of our species the primary means of survival was through gathering wild fruit, grains, berries and the like and then by hunting.  Those who excelled as hunters ate first, survived and raised families, who in turn ate better and more regularly than the families of less gifted […]

Privacy and Security In the 21st Century.

No. 1,319 Everybody needs privacy.  But the internet has a strange way of giving it to the undeserving, like hackers, and taking it away from those who need it most, like lawyers and their clients. A lawyer has an ethical duty to protect a client’s confidences and that duty is becoming increasingly difficult.  We receive […]

A Change of Pace

No. 1,316 Here’s a link to a piece I wrote for the Lebo Life Blog called People of the Morning.  I think you may like it.

Excellent Retweet!

No. 1,311

Spring has Sprung but This is Ridiculous: Spring Training Cards!

No. 1,310 HURRY! HURRY! Maybe this edition will be a collectors’ treasure as a one of a kind rarity.

Recent Retweet: Marbury v Madison anniversary

No. 1308 West Wing ReportsVerified account‏ @WestWingReport  Feb 24 On This Day. 1803: A hallmark of American democracy—the principle of checks & balances— was affirmed by Supreme Court in Marbury v. Madison

Measure Thrice, Cut Once

No. 1,304 I received a comment through the contact box this week.  In case you haven’t noticed, I shut down the comments after each post some months ago because they were being flooded with robotic spam. Even Captcha couldn’t stem the flow completely.  So, if you want to leave a comment, you can reach me […]

Advice on Decision-making from the Master

No. 1,301 The following recently appeared in Quora.

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