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Here’s a Tune that is sticky as Velcro (er, I mean . . . I don’t know what to call it!)

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Its Christmas Season

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Signs of the Times: Bathroom Iconography

No. 1,358 Perhaps you remember when the North Carolina legislature passed a bill restricting bathroom use to biological members of that sex.  Well, that’s history. Here’s a bathroom sign at Campus Y at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Be Sure to Bequeath All Your Passwords to Your Heirs, Executors, Administrators, Successors and Assigns

No. 1,357 AJEMIAN v. YAHOO!, INC., SJC – 122337, Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, October 16, 2017 John Ajemian died in a bicycle accident.  He had an email account with Yahoo! when he died, containing four years of stored emails.  The administrators of his estate, his brother and sister, would really like to read those […]

Yes, Even a Lawyer Can Give Back Ten Talents For Five.

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Business Card of the Day

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Thank You, Fire Fighters for Your Timely Assistance.

No. 1,345 We take for granted first responders, including firemen, most of whom are volunteers.  When called upon, they are required to do important tasks that are frequently dangerous and physically demanding. Last night, large tree branches in our front yard fell onto the electrical wires.  The fire department came quickly and assisted the electric […]

Here’s a Ninth Birthday Poem

No. 1,343 In honor of this blog’s ninth birthday, I republish a poem I picked up in Wikisource.  Its written by Algernon Charles Swinburne, Victorian poet. A NINTH BIRTHDAY. February 4, 1883. I. Three times thrice hath winter’s rough white wing Crossed and curdled wells and streams with ice Since his birth whose praises love […]

Pittsburgh Legal Back Talk Turns 9.

No. 1,342 That’s right, 9. That’s pretty old for a legal blog. Without insulting anyone, I have observed that most lawyer bloggers (Blawgers, so they say) drop off after about a year.  They apparently run out of ideas.  I have had dry spells from time to time, too. Everybody does.  But I never completely stopped […]

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