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Snow Day on the Highway.

No/ 1,448

Pitt Law Selects New Dean

No. 1,447 The University of Pittsburgh announced yesterday that it had selected Amy J Wildermuth of the University of Utah to be its new Dean, commencing July 1. The new Dean is both a law professor and a high-ranking administrative officer at Utah, being that University’s first chief sustainability officer. Prior to joining the law […]

Rites of Spring: Daylight Savings Time and banishing Winter.

No. 1,440 Although the pond may still be frozen solid, Daylight Savings promises it won’t stay that way too long. We live in the Age of Reason, a time when we no longer believe in superstitious practices.  But we follow plenty of them anyway because they are still part of us. Sometimes we ignore the […]

Carolina Beats Duke!


Promoted Tweets Are Hacking My Twitter Account.


Political Ads

No. 1,425 The Achilles heel of advertising, and political ads in particular, is that they are constantly being rebroadcast. Over the course of re-listening you have an opportunity to think about and evaluate what is being said.  Statements that might sound ok, if heard once, often fail to withstand even mild scrutiny. Ads sponsored by […]

Running the Six Minute Mile.

No. 1,424 A lot of lawyers still bill time in 6 minute increments.  The idea behind this practice is appealing but wrong. Since there are 60 minutes in an hour, the six minute unit just happened to be a tenth of an hour or .1.  At the end of the day, you could add up […]

Why does anyone choose to live in a flood zone?

There are many places, near rivers and streams where floods occur regularly, even though the properties are not in official flood zones.

Old Movies, Old Books and Changing Times

No. 1,419 We watched my all-time favorite sappy love story movie for Valentine’s Day last night,a 1999 classic, the “Love Letter.”  It is a light-hearted comedy about complications that befall the owner of a bookstore in a beach resort when she finds a love letter which she, erroneously it turns out, thought was written to […]

Contemplating Ashes to Ashes on Valentines Day.

No. 1,418 This is not a homily, but only an unoriginal thought. Ash Wednesday rarely falls on Valentines Day, but it does today. Hopefully, the people we care about most are still with us.  If so, we are lucky. And while we still can, we need to tell those important people how much we love […]

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