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No Living Thing Lives Forever, Not Even the Jackson Magnolia.

Although some live long, no living thing lives forever. This truth is known by all, but this humans we are always striving for a little more time.

Connecticut Dems Remove Jefferson, Jackson from Name of Annual Fund Raiser.

No. 1,191 In what may be the latest incident in an apparent trend, the annual Jefferson, Jackson, Bailey Dinner held by the Connecticut Democratic Party will no longer claim the two great Presidents as icons. Bailey, who was a party chairman during the Kennedy era will apparently get to stay. Great idea. ┬áLets purge everybody […]

What Woman is More Important in American History than Alexander Hamilton?

Hamilton was the de facto Chief of Staff for George Washington during the Revolution. He was a leader in the first rank during the process of framing and adoption of the Constitution. As the first Secretary of the Treasury, he was primarily responsible for the establishment of the banking system in the young United States. Hamilton belongs on United States currency. That is the problem.

Don’t Forget the Warhol.

Today would have been Andy Warhol’s 83rd birthday. This is a good opportunity to remind you non-Pittsburghers to visit the Warhol Museum, which is a next door neighbor to PNC Park. Warhol was one of Pittsburgh’s trio of famous Andys. The others were Carnegie and Mellon. No, Andy Russell wash’t as famous as those guys.


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