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Does a Consumer Have a Remedy When He Learns that a Used Computer Was Grossly Overpriced?

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | June 17, 2015

Image: network world.com

Image: network world.com

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Is there anything I can do about a rent-a-center agreement?

Q:I went to rent a center for a computer, the retail price they advertised was $1199. I thought that meant that is what it was worth, maybe a little extra for the fact that it’s rent to own. Anyways i found out the computer is only worth $300+ used up to $600 brand new. This computer has been used a lot before they had to redo everything before i took it home. So i mentioned hey this is bull and an associate told me they would see if there was anything they could do about the price, so i kept it otherwise i was going to trade for one that is actually worth that much. Now apparently that person is no longer with the company, how convienent right? I just don’t know how they can advertise such an unfair retail price?

A: In Pennsylvania we have a statute called the Unfair Trade Practices Consumer Protection Law. It was designed to enable consumers to sue businesses for a wide variety of deceptive practices. Because the amount of your damages is small, I suggest you contact the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office. They might file suit under this statute or attempt to settle with the company. You might also call the Better Business Bureau, which also attempts to settle similar cases. 



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