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Sheriff Sales in the COVID-19 Era

No. 1,644 The Court of Common Pleas has automatically postponed all sheriff’s sales scheduled on May 4, 2020 to July 6, 2020. Problem is, will the spacing and mask requirements be enforced?  Anyone who has ever attended a sheriff sale knows that the Gold Room is always packed. Any attempt to enforce spacing would probably […]

MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE: Cares Act creates gigantic opportunity for borrows under federally-backed and owned mortgages.

No. 1,643 The National Law Review reports that the Cares Act, which contained a variety of relief measures for persons suffering from COVID-19 shutdown, contains provisions permitting borrowers under federally backed mortgages to request relief from their mortgage servicer.   Borrowers should contact their servicer to determine whether their mortgage is qualified.  Forbearance shall be granted […]

PA Appellate Courts Schedule Arguments Using Electronic Media

No. 1,642 PA appellate courts have announced arguments to be conducted by electronic media, reports Howard Bashman in his blog “How Appealing.” Here is what he stated on April 22, including links: The state appellate courts of Pennsylvania have announced plans for the video or telephonic oral argument of appeals: The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania […]

US Supreme Court holds that juries must render unanimous decisions in state criminal cases

No. 1,641 RAMOS v LOUISIANA https://www.law.cornell.edu/supremecourt/text/18-5924 The US Supreme Court reversed precedent that had approved the long-standing practice in the states of Louisiana and Oregon of criminal convictions with  a 10 – 2 verdict.  The Court held that the Sixth Amendment required this result by the term  “trial by an impartial jury” as understood by […]

Signs of the Times — the future shortage of dentists.

No. 1,640 I talked to my dentist yesterday.  Due to Chronovirus, he hasn’t seen a patient in five weeks.  He has a book full of appointments, which he  keeps moving forward on a daily basis.  But he freely admits that he doesn’t know when he will eventually be able to resume the schedule.  The only […]

Its a New World. Be Brave.

No. 1,639 Its been awhile since my last post.  The world has changed and not for the better.  We are quarantined in our homes, waiting for COVID-19 to pass away.  Today is the first day that masks are required in Pennsylvania for those who venture out to “necessary businesses.”  On TV news broadcasts, I see […]

The Quintessential Trivia Question

No. 1,638 Back in the day, when our neighbors used to get together under the stars to play Trivia on a summer night, I remember my neighbor complaining that too many Trivia questions (at least in the early editions) contained answers that weren’t trivial, but the product of a liberal education. For example, who wrote […]

What is the Fastest Growing Type of Household Debt Today?

No. 1,637 According to J P Morgan, as reported in DS News, a electronic newsletter for the banking industry, the fastest growing category of household debt is CLICK HERE. Hint: Repayment problems may be the root of the next financial crisis. CLT


No. 1,636 We obtained real ID’s this month. PennDOT says that they are “optional” but one day, sooner than you think, they are going to be mandatory. Unless you have a passport, they are or will be required in all states for domestic air travel. Also, as a lawyer, I’ll need them to enter any […]

Ten Things They Won’t Tell You Before You Enroll in Law School.

No. 1,635 DEDICATED TO MY COLLEAGUE AND FELLOW BLOGGER, ADRIAN BARON, ESQ.,THE NUTMEG LAWYER. WHO HAS EXPLAINED THE PRINCIPLES SET FORTH BELOW IN DEPTH. You probably won’t know for sure that you have chosen the wrong profession until you have tried and failed. Get ready for a lifetime of compromise, populated by second, third and fourth […]

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