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No. 1,528 Ten Years is a long time for a blog.  It is exceptionally long for a legal blog.  Nearly all lawyer bloggers run out of juice long before then.  Ten years in, Pittsburgh Legal Back Talk is not only going strong but, if you will allow me a bit of self-congratulation, is going stronger […]

Supreme Court moves quickly on Congressional Redistricting. So, what happens when the Legislature and Governor almost certainly do not meet the deadline?

The majority struck down the Congressional Redistricting Act of 2011, relying upon the Pennsylvania Constitution alone, enjoining the use of the existing districts in the upcoming primary election. Only the special election to fill the remaining term of Tim Murphy in the 18th Congressional District is exempt.

Congressional redistricting is on the docket in 2018.

No. 1,397 The  Pennsylvania Supreme Court has announced that it will promptly take up League of Women Voters v. Commonwealth,  which is the case involving the re-drawing of the map of Congressional  Districts. See our December 30, 2017 post on the subject. A decision is expected in February. Speed is of the essence here, since the […]

Ok, Admit It! You Think You’re a Genius Too, But You Won’t Say So In Public.

No. 1,391 Donald Trump probably should have just ignored the publication of “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House”, but that would have been out of character.  This President strikes back when criticized and this occasion would be no exception. Michael Wolff portrayed him as a low-intellect, television watching, undisciplined and incompetent man-child without […]

Forgiveness Doesn’t Seem to be an Option in 2017.

No. 1,374 The Time Magazine selection for Persons of the Year is dead on.  As trends go, this one is a monsoon and it doesn’t look like the wind is going to play itself out any time soon. The anger that drives it has been held back too long to be spent in a few […]


In the coming year, I intend to post more and make most of them shorter. To celebrate the anniversary, I am beginning to put together an ebook containing a selection of posts I like the best. It won’t be too long and like the blog itself, it will be free.


CLIFF TUTTLE has been a Pennsylvania lawyer for over 45 years and (inter alia) is a real estate litigator and legal writer. The posts in this blog are intended to provide general information about legal topics of interest to lawyers and consumers with a Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania focus. However, this information does not constitute legal advice and there is no lawyer-client relationship created when you read this blog. You are encouraged to leave comments but be aware that posted comments can be read by others. If you wish to contact me in privacy, please use the Contact Form located immediately below this message. I will reply promptly and in strict confidence.

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