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Fiscal Cliff: a Bad Idea Whose Time Has Come.

The most likely solution — they will agree to set forward the hands on the Doomsday Clock, postponing Armageddon to another day.

Perfect Storm

No. 917 My prediction of a low voter turn out in Eastern PA was wrong, wrong and wrong.  I thought that the power outages, together with turmoil engendered by Sandy, would reduce voter turn out in Philadelphia and surrounding Counties.  That didn’t happen.  To the contrary, voting was very high and they came out for […]

Where to Go If they Won’t Let You Vote in Allegheny County.

No. 916

Observations by Lincoln; fresh as tomorrow.

No. 914 A client sent me this by email:

You Heard it Here First.

No. 913 Mitt Romney will carry Pennsylvania, although it may take a week or more to count the votes.  The aftermath of Sandy, especially power outages in Eastern Pennsylvania, will result in confusion and a very low turnout in Philadelphia and surrounding counties. There will be a shortage of paper ballots in many places. Romney […]

Don’t Try This At Home, Kids.

No. 911 Under the guise of passion for his cause, Joe Biden engaged in a lot of interruptions, talk-overs, derisive laughter and just plain rudeness.  The moderator in the Vice Presidential Debate ignored Mr. Biden’s bad behavior, but if you are representing yourself in front of a magistrate, arbitration panel or judge, don’t try to […]

Improve Your Education, Read a Few Good Posts.

No. 908   – Here is a link that will give you the story about the court-ordered transgender surgery for a prison inmate that is being savaged on the talk shows. –  Would you like to study economics, but you cannot afford the tuition.  Fear not.  The excellent blog Marginal Revolution has founded an online […]

Are You Better Off Now . . .?

No. 906 Ever since Ronald Reagan asked the question in the 1980 Presidential Debate, it has been repeated frequently in Presidential years. The amazing thing is that so many people, when queried, actually have an answer. And even if we are better off or worse off, so what? For starters, how much impact does the […]

Bowing to the Right

So now its Rep.Paul Ryan. It may turn out to be a brilliant choice. Ryan should solidify the party, in the way it happened four years ago with Palin. But, being the prime architect of the plan to establish a deficit-ending budget, he does carry some political baggage. Expect Obama to raise fears of that Social Security and Medicare will be gutted with senior voters in Florida, Pennsylvania and elsewhere. Unlike Quail and Palin, he brings with him a specific record that will provide plenty of material for attack ads.

Clinton for Vice President?

No. 889 The internet is jumping with rumors of a Vice-Presidential switch for Hillary Clinton.  The Washington Post says this talk will not die.  Her poll numbers are high and she would definitely bring something to the campaign. If the President were to change running mates in 2012, it would be a loud statement that […]

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