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The Stereotype of the Predatory Lawyer is Unfair, but Durable.

No. 1,600

Job Shaming for Lawyers

No. 1,557 The former TV actor who played the son on the Cosby Show, Geoffrey Owen, was photographed bagging groceries at Trader Joe’s and publicly humiliated in the world media. But he courageously turned the situation around when he was interviewed on the national news.  Any job is a good job, he stated. He turned […]


No. 1,519 New lawyers, perhaps more than anyone, need mentors.  Every spring a new batch of them graduates and in the fall admitted to practice with only the vaguest idea of what to do.  Older lawyers have a duty to help them on their way.  We were given this help by someone else and now […]

The Inexperience Trial Lawyer

No. 1,488 Here’s a piece in the Boston Globe where an experienced civil trial lawyer laments the fact that young lawyers in firms like his don’t get the opportunity to learn the ropes by trying cases anymore. Everything he says is true.  Being a young lawyer in the trial department of  large firm may mean […]

Getting Paid With Opportunity.

No. 1,458 The Post Gazette ran a story today about trial attorney turnover in the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office.  Don’t bother reading it.  I’ll give you the gist in about 30 seconds. The DA has about 27% annual turnover.  Their junior trial attorneys get paid in the 40’s.  They work for a few years […]

Do you know who is listed in the Guinness Book World of Records as the world’s most successful lawyer? Don’t even try to guess.

No. 1,432 Yes, Guinness really did designate such a lawyer and his name is Lionel Luckhoo. No kidding. Between 1940 and 1985, Barrister Luckhoo successfully defended 245 homicide cases in a row. A few of them had to be won on appeal. He practiced mostly in his native Guyana and in England. Think of that. […]

Mindfulness and Lawyering

No. 1,331 Gotta go.  But before I do, I want to leave you a link to a great blog.  Its about lawyering.  Lawyering is hard.  It is painful.  Too often our best efforts end in defeat.  So here’s the link to a post that hits a chord.  More about it later. CLT

Are You a Hunter?

No. 1,321 Through over 90% of the history of our species the primary means of survival was through gathering wild fruit, grains, berries and the like and then by hunting.  Those who excelled as hunters ate first, survived and raised families, who in turn ate better and more regularly than the families of less gifted […]

How to Effectively Cross Examine an Expert Without Discussing His/Her Opinion.

No. 1,287 Here’s avery good  post in the California Education of the Bar Blog that is worth a read by trial lawyers demonstrating the indirect questioning of an expert witness. You never challenge the conclusion, but bring up undeniable truths. The Art of Cross Examination, by Francis L. Wellman, an old classic, told about a […]

The Age of the Introvert

No. 1,242 Summary:  The reason why most lawyers are introverts is that academic standards have been rising over the decades and the best students are generally introverts. The Cover Story for the January edition of the American Bar Association Journal is entitled: “Most lawyers are introverted and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.” Contrary to […]

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