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Beware Visiting Anybody’s Campaign Websites If You Are Worried About Data Mining.

No. 1,469 Marginal Revolution warns that the Facebook campaign website of Senator Patrick Lahey, who vigorously interrogated Mark Zuckerberg, is engaged in the same kind of of data retrieval and use. If true, chances are that Senator Lahey didn’t even know about it, because those details are generally left to consultants they hire. I have […]

Its Still a Predatory World.

No. No. 1,464 One constant reminder that there are bad people out there is the continuous barrage of malware-bearing emails we receive.  Over time they have become more and more sophisticated.  They used to be easy to spot due to misspelling, failure to observe grammar fundamentals, lack of content and other indicators that the author […]

“It Was a Cold Bright Day in April and the Clocks Were Striking Thirteen.”

No. 1,463 The first words of Orwell’s great masterpiece, “1984”. It could have been a day like today, also cold, bright and in April. I’ve often thought that this book played a decisive role in shaping post-WWII Western society.  We didn’t want to live in that World and we didn’t want to be Winston Smith. […]

“Trust Me.” (Not)

No. 1,338 Here’s another one.  But they are getting more sophisticated.  Notice the ribbon on the upper left that says: “This message is from a trusted sender.”  Sounds like a Jedi mind trick. The object, of course, is to get you to click the link that says “verify”.  But you won’t, right? Don’t let this […]


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