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Story Telling

No. 1,559 I’m reading (actually listening to) a new book by one of my favorite biographers, Doris Kearns Goodwin. It is titled “Leadership in Turbulent Times”.  Goodwin has been writing books about Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson for fifty years. This one draws upon a lifetime of study to focus […]

JACK SEZ: Coach K Scores Big in Nomination Speech.

No. 1,529   How did he ever find the time to do all those things on top of being a judge?   Coached his daughter’s basketball team to a championship. Ran the Boston Marathon twice, no less.  Taught at three major law schools. Amazing.

Hardiman, if Nominated and Confirmed, Would Be the Third Pittsburgher to Sit on the Supreme Court.

No. 1,527 Thomas Hardiman, the Pittsburgher on the list of potential Supreme Court nominees, would be the third Pittsburgher to sit on the Supreme Court. The first was Henry Baldwin, who was appointed by Andrew Jackson in 1830.  The second was Justice George Shiras, who was appointed in 1892 by President Benjamin Harrison. Although Baldwin […]

If you wait until you think you are ready, you may never know what might have been.

No. 1,517 “If we wait until we’re ready,” said Lemony Snicket, the kid with legendary bad luck, “we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.” Yes, there’s a price to be paid for doing nothing.  It is never knowing. If that’s you in the photo on the left, here’s a little encouragement. Slaters Intellectual […]

Do you know who is listed in the Guinness Book World of Records as the world’s most successful lawyer? Don’t even try to guess.

No. 1,432 Yes, Guinness really did designate such a lawyer and his name is Lionel Luckhoo. No kidding. Between 1940 and 1985, Barrister Luckhoo successfully defended 245 homicide cases in a row. A few of them had to be won on appeal. He practiced mostly in his native Guyana and in England. Think of that. […]

#Law: The Reason Lawyers Who Practice Until Age 100 Give.

Several American lawyers who are still practiced until age 100 and beyond gave the same reason: once you stop working, you die.

Now that we’ve deposed McKinley, lets rename Mt. Rushmore.

Who was Rushmore anyway? A nobody. He was an attorney who used to come to that location to hunt. Look it up.

The First Amendment and “Falsely Shouting Fire in a Crowded Theater” .

Everybody knows the aphorism about falsely shouting fire in a crowded theater. I am pretty sure that I heard it for the first time in class in elementary school and then countless times thereafter. The concept is universally accepted, or is as close to universal acceptance as any such statement is likely to be.

Hercules and the Umpire — a small sample

No. 1,179 Federal Judge Richard G. Kopf is a fearless blogger, as this partial reprint will attest.  Does he mean all the stuff he says below?  I don’t know.  Some of it, I guess.  But judges are pretty fearsome, even if they don’t offer to shoot you if you plan an unscheduled home visit. By […]

Please Read Somebody Else’s Blog Post about Former Justice John Paul Stevens.

This Blog Post about former Justice John Paul Stevens will brighten your day. It appears in Neil Steinberg’s Blog: Every Goddamn Day. There is no point in me embellishing on Steinberg’s riveting story. Just read it.

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