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Hardiman, if Nominated and Confirmed, Would Be the Third Pittsburgher to Sit on the Supreme Court.

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | July 9, 2018

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Thomas Hardiman, the Pittsburgher on the list of potential Supreme Court nominees, would be the third Pittsburgher to sit on the Supreme Court. The first was Henry Baldwin, who was appointed by Andrew Jackson in 1830.  The second was Justice George Shiras, who was appointed in 1892 by President Benjamin Harrison.

Although Baldwin had established a successful law practice in Pittsburgh in the 1790’s, he moved to Crawford County, where he was elected the first District Attorney and served two terms in Congress. Strictly speaking, he was no longer a Pittsburgh resident when he was appointed to the Court.

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Justice Shiras served until 1903, when he resigned, having announced in advance his intention to serve only ten years. He had never previously  judged a case, nor had he held any public office. He was a prominent and respected private law practitioner, who often represented Pittsburgh’s rising industrial enterprises. He was recommended to Harrison by an influential relative, James G. Blaine, former Presidential Candidate who was Harrison’s Secretary of State.

Depending upon which prognostication you read, Hardiman is either the favorite, co-favorite or out of the running.  The President is said to like his story — son of a taxi driver, worked his way through school, first in his family to graduate from college. Judge Hardiman sits on the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.



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