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This Commonwealth Court Holding May Get Student Rights Advocates’ Goat!

No. 1,122 COLONIAL INTERMEDIATE UNIT #20 V. COLONIAL INTERMEDIATE UNIT #20 EDUCATION ASSOCIATION, PSEA/NEA No. 983 C.D. 2014 The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania upheld the refusal of a Common Pleas Court decision that denied the employer’s petition to vacate an arbitration award and reinstate a special education teacher who had been terminated due to an […]

Noncompete Agreement Requires New Consideration in Pa. to Be Enforceable.

It has long been the law in Pennsylvania that noncompete agreements, as restraints of trade, must be supported by consideration. The case law supporting this principle and setting forth exceptions has been fully presented in tis opinion. This case, however, adds a new twist. The Uniform Written Obligations Act provides that consideration is not necessary if a written contract contains the words “intending to be legally bound” or their substance.

Mandatory Retirement of Judges Under Pa. Constitution Does Not Violate 14th Amendment Equal Protection.

“Perhaps better than anyone else, the Plaintiffs before us recognize the legal principle of stare decisis, which directs us in the matter sub judice to but one result.”

Employment Law Atty. Kim Kisner: Mets 2d Baseman Entitled to Paternity Leave on Opening Day by Law.

f you watch the news or listen to talk shows, you undoubtedly know that the New York Mets’ Second Baseman Daniel Murphy took paternity leave when his baby was born on opening day. He took a total of three days paternity leave, including the first two games of the season.


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