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“Resulting” — How We Think Good Decisions Were Bad and Vice Versa.

No. 1,417 When our team wins, how often do we admit it was luck?  Almost never. But we are guilty of thinking that a decision is good or bad, depending upon the outcome.  That phenomenon is called resulting. Professional Poker Player Annie Duke has developed a social science approach to decision-making.  She points out that […]

Being the top lobster, start by standing up straight.

No. 1,416 A fascinating new book by Jordan B. Peterson, a Canadian psychologist, combines ancient truth with modern science. “Twelve Rules for Life” subtitled “An Antidote for Chaos” is an illuminating, but sometime disturbing read.  Actually, I’m listening to the book, read by the author, on Audible. I also recommend a You Tube presentation of […]

Good Luck, Bad Luck, Perseverance and Doing the Impossible.

No. 1,323 While it is easy to complain about bad luck when our team loses, not too many of us attribute victory to luck. But the truth is, both bad and good luck have a role and probably a bigger one than we are willing to admit. The key is not to let bad luck […]

Reading Above Your Comfort Zone

No.  1,231 Summary:  Read something educational, not just entertaining.  Better yet, read something written by a genius.   Congratulations, you’re reading a book. But what are you reading?  Hmm . . .  A little light, don’t you say? Here’s an idea for your next book.  Don’t just entertain yourself, educate yourself. Read something written by […]

Foundation 4: Manage Your Physical Environment

No. 843 We’ve been reviewing the Seven Foundations of Time Mastery by Julie A. Fleming, lawyer and consultant.  She wrote this book in 2008 and recently brought out a revised version. It is a handy little book, full of ideas.  It gives you an opportunity to collect your own ideas on the topics through workbook […]

Julie A. Fleming: “Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time.”

No. 839 “The reason is simple,” she says. “No matter how much time you have, without sufficient energy to perform at a high level during that time, you will not be able to accomplish much.” Anyone who must spend long hours at a computer keyboard will attest to that truth. You cannot read effectively, let […]

This Time I am Not Lying, Like I was the Other Times.

No. 838 To tell the truth, we all know people who overuse expressions that affirm that they are not lying, at least not this time.  There is a new  book on the subject written by Duke Psychology Professor Dan Ariely, whose writings on application of experimental psychology to everyday problems are, honestly, legendary.  A sample […]

Weekend Book Review: “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand

Louis Zamperini was an American Olympic runner from USC who competed in the 1936 Berlin Games. By the 1940 games, Zamperini was predicted to be among the world’s best milers. World War II came and Lt. Zamperini found himself as the bombardier on the crew of a B45 in the Pacific in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor.


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