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Landlord and Tenant: What Is “Pay and Stay”?

No. 1,577 JOHNSON v. BULLOCK-FREEMAN, 61 A.3d 272 (2012). If there is a decision rendered by the Magisterial District Judge for overdue rent only, and for no other reason, the notice of of the decision will contain the following notations. “Grant possession”  NO “Grant possession if money judgment is not satisfied by time of eviction” […]

P-G Editorializes Regarding Court Costs in Landlord Tenant cases

No. 1,562 The Post-Gazette, which has been running articles about landlord-tenant cases at the Magisterial level, states that the court costs, which are about $150, are a burden on the poor, especially those about to be homeless.  To clarify, the landlord pays the costs when filing the case. When a judgment is entered in favor […]

Landlord & Tenant: Enhanced Voucher Rental Assistance and the Perpetual Lease.

No. 1,555 THEODORE HAYES; AQUEELA FOGLE V. PHILIP E. HARVEY, NO. 16-2692, THIRD CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS (2018). “The Hayes family receives enhanced voucher rental assistance from the federal government, and a federal statute provides that enhanced voucher holders “may elect to remain” in their housing developments, even after their landlord has opted out of […]

Landlord-Tenant: Is August 7 the Busiest Day of the Year?

No. 1,545 As of 9 AM this morning, there are 45 Landlord-Tenant cases scheduled to be heard tomorrow, August 7. Arbitration takes a vacation in July and August, but 2 days are set aside in each month for Landlord-Tenant cases.  Cases have been backing up and now we are going to have one very long […]

AVVO ANSWER: How Landlord Gains Possession after Magistrate Judgment.

No. 1,522  

A Familiar Story

No. 1,498 Here’s a story that I hear fairly often. It takes place in Syracuse New York, but it could be happening anywhere.  A relative or significant other who is living free without cost refuses to leave.  This one is a thirty-something son who doesn’t have a job.  The judge is prepared to sign an […]

Federal “Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act” is Back

However, this law has been reenacted in SB 2155, the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act, which was signed by the President earlier this week. The law requires a ninety-day notification to vacate by the new owner to the hold-over tenant under a bonfire lease. Loan servicing industry publication D S News , which has followed the progress of SB2155, seemed surprised to discover that this re-enactment had occurred.  From the lender’s point of view, this lengthens the time required to obtain possession of the collateral.  From the tenant’s point of view, until the sheriff’s hammer falls, the lease term may not have ended and it may not be safe to simply leave.

Recovery of Real Property Action is Not Just for Landlords and Tenants

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Brevity is the Soul of . . .

No. 1,473

Seattle Ordinance Requiring Acceptance of First Qualified Tenant Struck Down By Court

No. 1,456 A judge in Seattle struck down the city ordinance requiring a landlord to accept the first qualified tenant, involving a legal theory known as the “implicit bias rule.” The court recognized that dealings between a landlord and tenant  involve a long-term contractual relationship.  A variety of non-discriminatory factors may enter into the decision-making […]

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