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Christmas Greetings!

No. 1,596 A paralegal in another state, where civil process is served by individuals, revealed that  every year they have a request to serve domestic relations pleadings on Christmas morning for the reason, supposedly, that the other party will be sure to be at home with the children.  But, of course, the real reason is […]

Lawyers Spoof Lawyers’ Writing Style. But Do They Stop Doing It?

No. 1,385 Here’s a Christmas Card that appears on the December 25th post of a blog run by a couple of law professors.   Yes, everybody recognizes this ludicrous lawyerly writing style. Everybody knows how stilted and pretentious it sounds. Everybody knows that it is an attempt to relieve the writer from liability that would […]

Yes, Virginia, there is a Christmas Pickle, no matter what your little friends may say.

No. 1,381 Its supposed to be an old German tradition, although it has been said that no one from Germany admits knowing about it. A pickle hung on the Christmas tree is supposed to bring good luck and an extra present to the child who finds it.  There are various stories about it.  In one, […]

In case you missed this on ABC News

No. 1,377

WQED FM and The Music of Christmas

No. 1,364 I heard Christmas music on WQED FM (89.3) this morning and it was wonderful!  Of course, there are a few stations that have been playing Christmas oldies from pop charts ranging back to the Depression. If that does it for you, keep listening. To my ear, pop groups rarely capture the aroma of the […]


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