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Trump’s secret was hiding all along in plain view.

No. 1,290 In the past two days, I have read a ton of articles and watched an army of talking heads expound upon various theories to explain the Trump triumph at the polls.  Undoubtedly, many stars had to come into alignment to create this remarkable constellation. But one beacon outshines them all. Trump had the […]

Pokemon Go To Church

No. 1,271

Electronic Trespass

No. 1,270 If you would like to read a legal analysis concerning whether the producers of Pokemon Go are guilty of trespass to land or perhaps creating an attractive nuisance, click on this link to a blog called Associate’s Mind. It sounds preposterous, the idea that imaginary Pokemon animals are trespassing on land.  After all, […]

Judges and Presidential Politics

    No. 1,269 Summary: Justice Ginsburg’s comments about Trump are unusual but not unique. About a year ago, Judge Richard Kopf discontinued his blog “Hercules and the Umpire” after running a post stating that Ted Cruz was not qualified to be President.  Although Kopf denied that there was a relationship between the post and the […]

Brexit: Change is Coming!

No. 1,265 The jump occurred today. But,as everybody knows, its all in the landing. On this historic day, several legal publications are predicting a Brexit  bonanza for lawyers. Well, of course! Change and uncertainty al- ways create a demand for lawyers. Meanwhile, other publications predict massive layoffs in Britain. CLT  

Seems Fair! But How Do They Do It in The Rest of the World?

No. 1,253 FEELING THE BER(n).

The Real House of Cards

Well, the next season of House of Cards will be available to binge watch once more beginning this Friday March 4. But this year it has competition. The 2016 Presidential Campaign is easily a match for any work of political fiction that there has ever been.

#Presidential Campaign: Noblesse Oblige in the 21st Century

No. 1,245 Summary:  Trump’s self-funded campaign does not insure against contributor’s influence because Trump has the cause and effect equation backwards. George Washington, whom we celebrate this President’s Day, was once reputed to be the wealthiest man in America.  If so, his wealth consisted almost entirely in non-fungible frontier land, including a large swath of […]

Fiorina Shines in Second Republican Debate

No. 1,217 At the beginning of the second debate of the eleven top-polling GOP candidates, Jake Tapper of CNN announced that he would focus on statements the candidates made about each other. He certainly did.  Under the “lets you and him fight” ground rules, anyone criticized would have a chance to respond. This format frequently […]


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