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Family Feedback — What a Concept!

No. 1,547 I was over at the Family Division building (formerly the jail) today.  I don’t go there much, so I never noticed the feedback machine on the way out.  It may have been there for years or installed today. This one uses four emoji to ask you one question.  Its brilliant.  People get a […]

FAMILY LAW: Parental responsibility and the risk of football concussions.

No. 1,435 The New York Times ran an article recently focusing on a custody dispute involving a divorced Upper St. Clair couple with a family law issue that is becoming increasingly common. Their son played high school football and had experienced concussion-like symptoms, but had eventually been cleared by a doctor to play. His father, […]

Supreme Court Enters Order Reassigning Allegheny County Judges

No. 1,413

Where Did Anybody Ever Get the Idea that Possession is 9/10 of the Law?

The other day I answered a question on AVVO Answers. This individual had had a big fight with his sister and she had “disowned” him. He wanted to know if he could keep the property she had stored in his attic. After all, he said, possession is 9/10 of the law.

PA Child Protective Services Law Has Undergone Comprehensive Changes Since Sandusky.

More than 70 laws have been enacted in Pennsylvania as a result of the Sandusky case at Penn State, says Joyce A. Hatfield-Wise, Solicitor of the Washington County Children and Youth Services.

Text Messages as Evidence — how to do it and how not to do it.

I use the instant message feature on my computer to display one or more messages on my desktop computer screen. Then I take and save a screen shot and save it to the desktop or a file. I can then print it out. The text is dated. You can also copy it to an email and send it to yourself or anyone else.

Saturday Night Massacre, Constitutional Edition

Who says judges don’t work on weekends? At 5:30 PM this evening, Saturday March 22, 2014, the Sixth Circuit Court of appeals issued an order halting the issuing of marriage licenses in Michigan to same-sex couples after a US District Court decision holding Michigan’s referendum prohibiting same sex marriages. Read all about it in SCOTUS Blog.

Don’t Post Anything on Facebook that You Wouldn’t Want To See as Exhibit A In Court.

Bloggers say this all of the time. Plenty of people don’t listen. Here’s A Pennsylvania Common Pleas case that illustrates what can happen. The judge ordered discovery of the entries on the Facebook page of a plaintiff in an auto accident. It included entries about a supposedly seriously injured person going to the gym, etc. The Court stated that no court has ever held that there is an expectation of privacy on Facebook. On the contrary, the court noted, Facebook is for sharing.

Facing Up to the Reality of Social Media.

No. 691 What ethical issues are there for lawyers who do or don’t invade adversary’s Facebook pages looking for evidence?  I have heard various pronouncements that it may be malpractice for a lawyer to fail to investigate the opponent’s Facebook Page.  But what about the subterfuge that might be required to gain access?  I am […]

Don’t use Google Scholar, use Google Scholar Advanced Scholar Search.

No. 632 If you’ve been disappointed by Google Scholar for legal research, try the advanced version.  It enables you to select jurisdictions, such as Third Circuit and Pennsylvania Courts. Once you find a case you like, click on the “How Cited” tab. Of course, there is no statute search, but you may be able to […]

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