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FAMILY LAW: Parental responsibility and the risk of football concussions.

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | March 9, 2018

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The New York Times ran an article recently focusing on a custody dispute involving a divorced Upper St. Clair couple with a family law issue that is becoming increasingly common.

Their son played high school football and had experienced concussion-like symptoms, but had eventually been cleared by a doctor to play. His father, the non-custodial parent, filed suit to prevent his son’s participation.  The mother says that the boy knows the risks and is able to make his own decision.  As might be anticipated, the boy wants to play and does not wish to have contact with his father.

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According to domestic lawyer Joe Cordell, quoted in the Times article, about one-third of the lawyers at Cordell & Cordell, practicing in 40 states,  have encountered disputes regarding concussion risks in scholastic football.  He says that they are particularly prevalent in “football states”, which include Pennsylvania.

In the Upper St. Clair case profiled in the Times,the father says that since  the boy had already experienced concussion symptoms, which in the view of the father increases the risk of CTE developing, it is irresponsible for a parent to expose his child to such a risk.  However, the judge has not been willing to sign an order prohibiting the son from playing. At least not yet.

This problem is not going away and it is not too hard to imagine the day when the law will begin siding with the parent who wants to withhold permission for this activity.  Improving helmet technology, changes in the rules, the occurrence of catastrophic injuries, evolving social values and other factors, some yet unforeseen, will contribute to the ultimate outcome.



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