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How Casa San Jose and its Volunteer Rapid Response Lawyers can be a force for Justice and Mercy.

No. 1,603 Casa San Jose volunteer attorney Mary Nell Cummings relates the following story how its Rapid Response Team made a huge difference to a family in need.  This account has been edited to protect lawyer-client confidentiality. “On January 3, a Casa San José community member was picked up by ICE. He has lived in […]

Casa San Jose Volunteer Translators Come to the Rescue during Large-scale ICE Raid in Salem Ohio

No. 1,516 An item in the latest newsletter from Casa San Jose deserves special notice: “Last Tuesday, in Salem, Ohio, 70 miles from Pittsburgh, ICE raided a meat-packing plant and arrested 146 workers who were from Guatemala.  The scene was chaotic and heartbreaking, with mothers and children left without fathers and breadwinners. Unions immediately brought in attorneys to do […]

Due Process in America is for Everyone.

No. 1,511 At this point in our history, there shouldn’t be much disagreement on the proposition that aliens who are physically in the United States are entitled to due process under the Constitution.  The Supreme Court so held a generation ago in Kwong Hai Chew v. Colding, 344 US 590 (1953). Due process means that […]

How to Have a Polite Discussion Even When Tempers are Flairing.

No. 1,507 Sister Valerie Zottolla of Casa San Jose had some advice for all of us for effective communication, even with adversaries, involving highly emotional topics. Although she specifically references the issue of separation of families at the border, her words are equally applicable to dispute resolution and finding common ground with an adversary. Here […]

Casa San Jose Rapid Response Team Helps to Enable those Arrested by ICE to Obtain Due Process.

In celebration of reaching Post No.1,500, Pittsburgh Legal Back Talk has published an interview with Jarrod West of CasaSan Jose about the lawyers’ volunteer program organized by Casa San Jose to assist persons arrested by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement — ICE  — in gaining due process.


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