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Landlord May Be Liable Under Fair Housing Act For Passively Enabling Harassment By Other Tenants.

No. 1,597 MARSHA WETZEL v. GLEN ST. ANDREW LIVING COMMUNITY, LLC et al., 901 F.3d 856 (7th Cir, 2018). “Within months of her arrival at Glen St. Andrew Living Community (“St. Andrew”), Marsha Wetzel faced a torrent of physical and verbal abuse from other residents because she is openly lesbian. Time and again, she implored […]

Its Time to Step Aside and Let the System Work.

No. 1,520 During the crisis over the police shooting of Antwon Rose, there was admirable restraint on all sides (including, with one exception, motorists) when protesters literally took to the streets.  Drivers were patient and understanding. Peaceful assembly to state a grievance is always appropriate.  It is a right protected by the First Amendment.  But […]

Due Process in America is for Everyone.

No. 1,511 At this point in our history, there shouldn’t be much disagreement on the proposition that aliens who are physically in the United States are entitled to due process under the Constitution.  The Supreme Court so held a generation ago in Kwong Hai Chew v. Colding, 344 US 590 (1953). Due process means that […]

Standing During the National Anthem

No. 1,494 Back in the day, I remember being required to sign a statement from time to time that I was not a member and had never been a member of certain organizations that were deemed to be affiliated with the Communist Party.  I hadn’t even heard of most of them and I doubt whether […]

Qualified Tenant Cannot Be Rejected under Seattle City Ordinance.

No. 1,379 The City of Seattle has adopted an ordinance requiring a landlord to accept the first qualified applicant.  The idea is to screen out all housing discrimination, including unconscious bias.  Of course, we can all think of reasons for rejecting a prospective tenant that are hard to quantify, like a bad attitude. No matter […]

Trends in the Law: Restroom Choice.

The Courts will soon be required to determine whether the state can require an individual to use public bathrooms that correspond to his/her biological sex when he/she states that this violates a right to choose the restroom that corresponds to the individual’s perceived sexual preference.


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