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Its Time to Step Aside and Let the System Work.

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | July 2, 2018

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Image: Pittsburgh Post Gazette

During the crisis over the police shooting of Antwon Rose, there was admirable restraint on all sides (including, with one exception, motorists) when protesters literally took to the streets.  Drivers were patient and understanding.

Peaceful assembly to state a grievance is always appropriate.  It is a right protected by the First Amendment.  But even the mighty First Amendment does not authorize blocking traffic.

Our legal system is not designed for instantaneous justice.  It takes time and preparation.  Moreover, there is a case backlog that requires newer cases to wait in line for a trial date.  This case was given the attention it deserved by the police and District Attorney, who did a thorough investigation before bringing charges.  Nothing less was required in a case where the facts are not fully known from the outset. Now it will be in the hands of a judge and possibly a jury. Although the wait may be frustrating to many, I guarantee that the time of reckoning will come.

Unfortunately, some of the protesters think that justice will be denied unless maximum public pressure is applied, non-stop.  That’s not the way the criminal justice system does or should work.  Justice consists in applying the law fairly and without yielding to pressure from anyone.

Give it some breathing room.  Stay on the sidewalk when you protest.  We’ll still notice you there.



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