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What is a Unicorn?

No. 1,632 I’ve been running across references to unicorns in books, blog posts and even in the funny papers. Sometimes the author assumes we know what she is talking about or explains the term in a cursory fashion. In her book, Insight, therapist Tasha Urich used the term “unicorns” to discuss people who greatly improve […]

Weather Fans and the First Snowfall

No. 1,576 TV news shows typically give you the weather at the middle and the end of the broadcast.  Sometimes it leads, too. The reason is obvious.  If you tune in just as the weather report is ending, you might abruptly switch to a competing channel.  They are constantly running telephone surveys to determine why […]

The Strangest #Me Too Case Yet.

No. 1,561 If Judge Kavenaugh had never been nominated to the Supreme Court, no one would have heard the accusations made by Dr. Ford.  She is stepping forward only because he was nominated to the Supreme Court and is about to be confirmed by the Senate. She says she didn’t tell her parents about the […]

In Case You Don’t Read the Newspaper Anymore . . .

No. 1,556

MoviePass in a Death Spiral? UPDATE!

No. 1,544 HERE IS WHAT I WROTE THIS MORNING.  THE COMMUNICATION FROM MOVIE PASS, BELOW, ARRIVED THIS AFTERNOON.  THEY PAINT A SOMEWHAT DIFFERENT PICTURE OF THEIR FUTURE. We should have realized that it was too good to be true. MoviePass is almost passe’, due to a flawed business model. The latest MoviePass arrangement is back […]

On Being Quick to Learn and Slow to Judge

No. 1,509 It is worth a reminder not to draw conclusions with less than full information. Information is being communicated to us with incredible speed.  Yet, too often, what reaches our eyes and ears first is incomplete or worse, presented to further the interests or biases of the communicator. If the communicator is also a […]

Intelligence is Like Beauty, in the Eye of the Beholder.

No. 1,506 A friend of mine, who is my age, has been tested several times recently for symptoms of dementia. He asked his wife why the tester always asked questions about the date, day of the week and the like.  “Is it important?” he asked. It was a good question for him, since he had […]

Flag Day: One Holiday Too Far?

No. 1,503 Today is flag day and the Pennsylvania State Courts are closed.  This holiday commemorates the day when the Continental Congress adopted the stars and stripes in 1777.  Half-way between Memorial Day and Independence Day, its a national holiday that has never caught on. Although state courts are closed, relatively few other government offices […]

Standing During the National Anthem

No. 1,494 Back in the day, I remember being required to sign a statement from time to time that I was not a member and had never been a member of certain organizations that were deemed to be affiliated with the Communist Party.  I hadn’t even heard of most of them and I doubt whether […]

We Need a Hero.

No. 1,475 James Shaw, Jr., a 29 year-old college student, rushed a gunman at a Waffle House when he saw him stop to reload.  He struggled and wrested the assault rifle from the hands of the shooter and threw it over the counter. It was just like in the movies. In an interview, he stated […]

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