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Mortgage Foreclosure: Act 6 Provision Changing Definition of Residential Mortgage May Not Be Applied to Mortgages Created Before the Effective Date of the Amendment, Even Though Foreclosure Action was Initiated After Amendment.

No. 1,588 JOHNSON v. PHELAN HALLINAN & SCHMEIG, 2018 Pa. Super. 141 (2018). Om May 23, 2002, EdElla and Eric Johnson executed a mortgage secured by their residence in the amount of $74,000.00. After a 2008 default, a complaint in mortgage foreclosure was filed against the Johnsons in behalf of the mortgage lender by the […]

MoviePass in a Death Spiral? UPDATE!

No. 1,544 HERE IS WHAT I WROTE THIS MORNING.  THE COMMUNICATION FROM MOVIE PASS, BELOW, ARRIVED THIS AFTERNOON.  THEY PAINT A SOMEWHAT DIFFERENT PICTURE OF THEIR FUTURE. We should have realized that it was too good to be true. MoviePass is almost passe’, due to a flawed business model. The latest MoviePass arrangement is back […]

The Ultimate Contract of Adhesion

No. 1,543 This is too good to take the chance you won’t click the link.  Plus, after reading this, you may not be in the mood to click any links for a while.  This masterpiece appeared in a blog called the Babylon Bee. http://BOSTON, MA—Local man Justin Fuller immediately fell dead after clicking “I have […]

Unfair Trade Practices Consumer Protection Law Can Be a Game Changer.

It is a good idea to consult a lawyer about the applicability of such a consumer protection statute to your case.  There are some complexities that may need to be addressed and the defendant may have certain defenses that can turn the case around. Using such a provision effectively requires knowledge and experience.

Confession of Judgment and Political Advertising

No. 1,289 The TV advertising on both sides of the Pennsylvania Senatorial race has been an abomination of untruth, half truth and true but irrelevant statements.  So perhaps one more wrong allegation doesn’t matter very much. In fact, some of the claims are so outrageous, that even a child could see through them. Nevertheless,  the […]

More Things To Worry About In Creating a Confession of Judgment Clause in a Commercial Lease.

No. 1,215 A confession of judgment clause of necessity creates a limited power of attorney empowering the landlord’s attorney to enter judgment in behalf of the tenant without a hearing.  Pennsylvania law regarding powers of attorney has been changing, with the most recent change occurring in new amendments effective on January 1, 2015.Act 95 of […]


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