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Response to Columbus Day Post.

No. 1,569 Reprinted below is a response to my Columbus Day post, No. 1,568, which was sent to me via the contact box on this blog.  It succinctly states the gist of the contemporary argument against honoring Columbus, which many view as a complicity in genocide. This argument holds Columbus as a symbol of what […]

Court Holidays for the Balance of 2018 in Allegheny County.

No. 1,568 Here’s a list of Holidays in the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, beginning with Columbus Day, celebrated tomorrow. Yes, it is still Columbus Day in good old antediluvian Pennsylvania.  Unlike the Wise Solons who run Columbus Ohio, we haven’t renamed it to Indigenous Peoples Day yet.  And the Federal Government hasn’t […]

Yes, this Patch is the Real Thing.

No. 1,565 You can order it at the Decal and Patch Shop on Etsy.

Gratitude on Memorial Day

No. 1,496 Gratitude is an empowering emotion. It overcomes selfishness and petty quarrels. It makes us better and stronger. Whether or not we realize it, gratitude can be paired with other emotions like sadness or joy. So many of those emotions are reflexive, responses to the events of our lives. But we don’t have wait […]

Heavy Holiday Traffic on Grant Street.

No. 866 You would never have thunk it, but the days leading up to the Fourth of July, saw long waiting times at the Department of Court Records (both offices) and the Department of Real Estate.  Many of the clerks behind the counters were off, causing delay. And, of course, there is no motions court […]

Hark, the Herald Angels Sing! It Took Over a Century to Get it Just Right.

No. 776  PHOTO; Living Nativity Scene in Kenya, 2011. Courtesy of Susan Ferson.   The hymnbooks credit Charles Wesley for the words and Felix Mendelssohn for the tune.  True, but that’s not the whole story. Wesley (1707 – 1788) and Mendelssohn ( 1809- 1847) were not contemporaries. Wesley published the original version of  this work in 1839  under the […]


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