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The Tree That Owns Itself, Athens Georgia.

No. 1,478 Of course, a tree cannot own land under the law, but everybody in Athens Georgia accepts the small testamentary land grant to a beloved tree, including the City, which maintains the tree.  Actually, the original tree, which was quite ancient, was destroyed in a wind storm in 1942 and community members planted a […]

Attorneys: The Law is Changing Regarding Powers of Attorney

The changes under Act 95 are too numerous and have too many new implications to be summarized here. Any attorney undertaking to prepare a power of attorney after January 1 should become familiar with the provisions of Act 95 before drafting.

More Fee Increases in Allegheny County.

In 1974, it cost $15.00 to file a law suit.As of August 8, it costs $118.00. Do other things cosy eight times as much as they did 40 years ago? Gas at the pump cost 55 cents per gallon. Today it costs about $3.78.Thats around 7 times. Well, I guess filing lawsuits is a bargain compared driving.

Marty Hagan, Tell Us Something Interesting About Estate Planning.

No. 974 The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (ATRA), enacted on January 2, 2013, has made significant changes in federal estate, gift and income tax laws.  The law has also created new financial planning opportunities.  For example, the base exclusion for federal estate taxation has been set at $5,000,000 per individual, to be adjusted […]


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