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Here’s One For the Nutmeg Lawyer: Serial Toilet Clogging!

No. 1,633 I miss the Nutmeg Lawyer, the funniest legal blog of all time. Here’s a a plum of a news story from the Nutmeg State (Connecticut) that Adrian Barron would have been all over. Unfortunately, Mr. Baron has been so busy unclogging the court dockets that he hasn’t had the time to post since […]

Beyond Forgiveness?

No. 1,589 Can there be a second chance for sexual predators?  And if so, what is necessary for the wrongdoer to do to earn it? At the present time, consensus seems to be that a convicted child molester can never be trusted again. This is reflected in registration laws for convicted offenders and required notification […]

Jump Like a Fish, Jump Like a Porpoise, all Join Hands and Habeas Corpus!

No. 1,449 The Great Writ is far outside my practice area .  Based upon the excellent article in the ACS blog which is linked here, its outside everybody’s practice area.  The author, who is referred to as Judge,  doesn’t pull any punches, even when criticizing the United States Supreme Court, which she does throughout. I presented […]

What duty does a jay-walker have in the age of driverless vehicles?

So who is negligent here?  The engineers who designed the driverless system, the back-up driver, or the jay-walker? Or is it some combination of these?

Debtor’s Prison, Really?

No. 1,427 State Senator Guy Reschenthaler, according to today’s Post Gazette, is going to propose legislation to permit people who cannot afford to pay criminal fines or court costs to work them off by performing public service rather than serve jail time. He refers to the jailing of persons who haven’t paid these amounts as […]

What if all the world was against you except one person? Who would you want that person to be?

I heard some criticism that his court-appointed public defender hugged him on the shoulder at the moment they walked into the arraignment and the full force of what was happening must have washed over him like a tidal wave.  In that moment, she told him that she was on his side.

Supreme Court Enters Order Reassigning Allegheny County Judges

No. 1,413

Sober Driver Incarcerated for Months on DUI Charge without Evidence. Can this story be true?

No. 1,373 This story about a DUI arrest in Lehigh County, PA was reprinted on the Solo Practioners Blog on Linked In. He must have had a public defender at the preliminary who should have demurred to the evidence. I have seen them make the motion routinely in case after case. According to the story, […]

Two Entertaining Blawgs from Sunny Florida.

No. 1,340 1.  Gerstein Justice Building Blog, aka Rumpole Blog. 2. Southern District of Florida Blog, which just celebrated it 12th birthday with over 3,000 posts.

If You Kill My Dog, Just Maybe, You Kill Part of Me.

No. 1,315 Since I discovered Judge Kopf’s post yesterday, (see post below) I added Mimesis to my regular reading list. I found this thoughtful analysis of a one year prison sentence for the killer of a puppy.  I suppose we should feel conflicted about prison sentences for even the most extreme cases of animal cruelty. […]

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