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Starting Fresh

No. 1,532 We don’t know much about the future, except that it begins today. The Pittsburgh Pirates made it back to .500 late last night.  It took a 7 game winning streak to do it. Only ten games back they were at rock bottom. But today they are playing as well, maybe better, than when […]

If you wait until you think you are ready, you may never know what might have been.

No. 1,517 “If we wait until we’re ready,” said Lemony Snicket, the kid with legendary bad luck, “we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.” Yes, there’s a price to be paid for doing nothing.  It is never knowing. If that’s you in the photo on the left, here’s a little encouragement. Slaters Intellectual […]

On Being Quick to Learn and Slow to Judge

No. 1,509 It is worth a reminder not to draw conclusions with less than full information. Information is being communicated to us with incredible speed.  Yet, too often, what reaches our eyes and ears first is incomplete or worse, presented to further the interests or biases of the communicator. If the communicator is also a […]

Intelligence is Like Beauty, in the Eye of the Beholder.

No. 1,506 A friend of mine, who is my age, has been tested several times recently for symptoms of dementia. He asked his wife why the tester always asked questions about the date, day of the week and the like.  “Is it important?” he asked. It was a good question for him, since he had […]

Skill v. Luck

No. 1,491 Last night the Pirates won in the bottom of the ninth with a walk-off hit batsman.  The bases were loaded.  Tony Watson, who now pitches for the Giants, hit the batter, Jordy Mercer, forcing in the winning run. Was it luck? Well, from the Giants’ perspective, it was a lack of skill, not […]

The Better Competitor Does Not Always Win.

No. 1,489 Not to belabor a matter that has been discussed too much lately, but the lesser competitor sometimes wins. Perhaps it will happen rarely in a particular match-up. But happen it will.  In a single contest, the sports team with the worst overall record can defeat the team with the best record  — if […]

Fifty one words on Culture By Default.

No. 1,483 Here’s a thought to mull over, if you wish. The culture that develops in most groups, including law firms, develops without anyone planning it to be that way.  Consider what’s right or wrong about the culture of your office.  What should change?  How can you help make it happen? CLT

We Need a Hero.

No. 1,475 James Shaw, Jr., a 29 year-old college student, rushed a gunman at a Waffle House when he saw him stop to reload.  He struggled and wrested the assault rifle from the hands of the shooter and threw it over the counter. It was just like in the movies. In an interview, he stated […]

If everyone is unhappy is the court dispensing justice?

No. 1,445 Setting the thermostat at 72º is not a bad decision.  There are others to consider beside these two outliers, after all.  There is no win-win here.  But there is a lose-lose. Or is there?  One can wear two sweaters, while the other can set up a small fan.

Bad decision: Engineer leaves voicemail about cracks in the bridge.

No. 1,444 According to this article in the Miami Herald, the fact that cracks started to appear in the Florida International University Foot Bridge (which collapsed when it had been used for only a few days) was not necessarily bad news. Maybe so, but that won’t sound very convincing to the jury, will it? I […]

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