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Two Entertaining Blawgs from Sunny Florida.

No. 1,340 1.  Gerstein Justice Building Blog, aka Rumpole Blog. 2. Southern District of Florida Blog, which just celebrated it 12th birthday with over 3,000 posts.

“How Appealing” is also appealing to on-line marketers.

How Appealing is the word on appellate court decisions. For over ten years this blawg has been reporting about appellate cases. It is so well-known and so popular that you might make the same mistake Carol Elefant did in a recent post in My Shingle and go to the link “howappealing.com”. Whereupon, you will be offered a page full of links to things to buy.

Improve Your Education, Read a Few Good Posts.

No. 908   – Here is a link that will give you the story about the court-ordered transgender surgery for a prison inmate that is being savaged on the talk shows. –  Would you like to study economics, but you cannot afford the tuition.  Fear not.  The excellent blog Marginal Revolution has founded an online […]

Nutmeg Lawyer: The Cheers Marketing Model

No. 882 Here is a quick refresher course in marketing and client relations for lawyers and anybody else who serves clients, courtesy of Nutmeg Lawyer.  You can find Nutmeg Lawyer in the blogroll that is located far down the left hand column of this blog. CLICK THIS LINK TO NUTMEG LAWYER NOW. CLT

The Message Box is Back.

No. 784 We had to shut down the message box for a while for updating. It is now open for business.  If you want to send me a private message, look for it on the right sidebar. No one but me can read such a message. You can also make public comments at the end […]

Third Chair is the Place to Look to Find Everything You Always Wanted to Know (but Were Afraid to Ask) About Free/Cheap Continuing Legal Education.

No. 742 We lawyers are required to complete 12 hours of continuing legal education every year, including at least one hour of ethics.  Nobody thinks that lawyers should’t keep up to date, but for those of us who don’t have a law firm or employer picking up the tabs, the cost of fulfilling this requirement […]

Lawyerist Added to Blogroll

I find that I read the Lawyerist almost every day, so I put it in the blogroll so you can too. Most posts are about law practice management or legal marketing. They are full of ideas and always interesting.

Add “That’s Church” to Your Prayer List.

That’s Church is the most entertaining, if irreverent and often bawdy, publication in Pittsburgh. The title is derived from an expression (which I have never heard used anywhere else) that is supposed to mean “that’s the truth.” I think.

From the Blogroll: 22 Tweets Interviews Italian (from Italy) Family Lawyer.

No. 619 Check out 22 Tweets from our blogroll in the left margin.  Here is the current post. @tsolignani April 26th, 2011 Tiziano Solignani Family Law Attorney Blogger Author of Guida alla separazione e al divorzio – Today we’re tweeting w/ @tsolignani: Italian lawyer, writer, blogger, dad, geek, Apple user @Tsolignani, thank you for joining us […]

Happy Birthday, Adrian Baron, April 29, ?

No. 613 And thanks for the present.   The Major Award has arrived.  It is everything it was advertised to be. It even plugs in and lights up — a real lamp. Of course, there are more important things to pay attention to, like the Windsor-Middleton Wedding.  Well, I guess that puts it all in […]

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