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Calling all Concierges!

No. 1,401 We all know what a concierge used to be.  It was the person at a desk by the door of a hotel who not only recommended a restaurant, but made your reservations.  The concierge often could straighten out your airline tickets or any number of problems that travelers encounter but don’t have the […]

On Smoozing Clients, or is it Smooching?

No. 1,318 Guess who is clueless about the difference between keeping on the good side of a wife, as opposed to a client.  In most practice areas, you are not going to win any points with a client by dispensing a big a big wet telephone kiss.  Reminds me of Charlie the Tuna who was […]

Trend: Lower Cost Legal Services — How Will It Happen?

No. 1,286 There has been a lot of discussion of the future of the legal profession.  A post in Lawyerist.com, a nuts and bolts blog for lawyers, summarizes conclusions in a book by a futurist named Suskind. He concluded that lawyers in private practice were being marginalized by, among other things,  non-lawyers and technology. Suskind […]

Why Blog? 10.5 Reasons.

Lawyers are often advised by marketing professionals to blog because it is good marketing. The AVVO blog recently announced an inexpensive and easy to use blogging vehicle for lawyers. If you have a modest marketing budget, investing in a blog will buy you more effective advertising than any other vehicle, including Google pay per click ads.

Legal Advertising: Cordell & Cordell Has the Best Radio Ads

Cordell and Cordell, a St. Louis-based law firm with 70 offices around the United States, has in my opinion, the best legal radio ads I have ever heard.

There are 63,633 Lawyers in PA now. What do they do all day?

New lawyers are pushed out of the nest, like so many baby robins, and forced to find a market for themselves in the cruel, cruel world. And, for the most part, eventually they do. As time passes, they also find needs that are underserved and they fill them. And if the client is not satisfied, there are plenty of other lawyers to try. Actually, 63,633 and counting. The class of 2014 just graduated.

Some think: “Legal Ethics are to Ethics as [fill in your own answer].”

So, I read in my favorite Blog, The Nutmeg Lawyer, that it might be risking disbarment in North Carolina for a lawyer to represent himself as a specialist if he does not hold the appropriate certification. A little over the top, perhaps, but point well taken.

FOR LAWYERS — Book Review: “Legal Rainmaking Myths: What You Think You Know About Business Development Can Kill Your Practice.” By Julie A. Fleming, J. D.

No. 1,005 Julie A. Fleming is a legal marketing guru who used to practice law.  She wrote  “The Reluctant Rainmaker”  with the lawyer in mind who cringes at the idea of looking for business.  Her second book, “Seven Foundations of Time Mastery for Attorneys” recognizes that lawyers have unique productivity problems which require unique solutions. […]

“Thanks, Dan” is real lawyer advertising — for now

No. 1,004 Yes, Virginia, the You Tube production below is a real lawyer advertisement.  And, of course, the embarrassment is all ours, Pittsburgh lawyers!  Those are the front steps of our venerable 114 year-old Allegheny County Court House where Dan plies his trade in the Criminal Division of our venerable Common Pleas Court. This video, […]

Nutmeg Lawyer: The Cheers Marketing Model

No. 882 Here is a quick refresher course in marketing and client relations for lawyers and anybody else who serves clients, courtesy of Nutmeg Lawyer.  You can find Nutmeg Lawyer in the blogroll that is located far down the left hand column of this blog. CLICK THIS LINK TO NUTMEG LAWYER NOW. CLT

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