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Does a Forgetful Litigant or Counsel Deserve a Phone Call Before a Case is Dismissed?

No. 1587 SHIN v. BRENAN 764 A,2d 609 (Pa. Super. 2000) WILLIAMS  v. SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PHILADELPHIA, 870 A.2d 414 (Pa. Cmwlth. 2005). THOMPSON v. HOUSTON, 839 A.2d 389 (Pa. Super. 2003) FAISON v. TURNER, 2004 Pa. Super. 350 (2004). BANKS v. COOPER, 171 A.3d 798, 2017 Pa.Super. 304 (2017) In the recent Allegheny County […]

What duty does a jay-walker have in the age of driverless vehicles?

So who is negligent here?  The engineers who designed the driverless system, the back-up driver, or the jay-walker? Or is it some combination of these?

Even Once-in-a-Century Events Eventually Happen.

No. 1,442 Nobody knows what the real odds were that the University of Maryland Baltimore City, a lowly 16th seed in the NCAA basketball tournament, would defeat the number one seed Virginia Cavaliers.  The last-place teams are deliberately selected to give small schools who can’t compete for top recruits a piece of the tournament action. […]

Supreme Court Enters Order Reassigning Allegheny County Judges

No. 1,413

Be sure to attach Certificates of Compliance to your pleadings.

No. 1,403 Section 7.0 of the “Public Access Policy of the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania: Case Records of the Appellate and Trial Courts” places the burden of screening documents on litigants and attorneys who file them and to exclude or redact certain confidential information (except when using a special Confidential Information Form). The clerks who […]

Do Federal District Law Clerks Have Too Much Power?

No. 1,389 Eric Segall, a law professor with clerking experience, says that this is the case. Although we always suspected the clerk decided at least some of our motions,  Segall  says that the situation is a lot worse than you probably think.  A must read from Dorf on Law Blog for civil litigators. CLT

Summary Judgment and the Nanty Glo Rule; the Banker’s Affidavit is still not enough.

No. 1,383 WELLS FARGO BANK, NA  v. PREMIER HOTELS GROUP, LLC. 2017 PA Super. 405 (2017) In response to a mortgage foreclosure action, Premier sold its property in Dunmore, Lackawanna County, PA and paid over the proceeds to Wells Fargo, assignee of the mortgage. However, in a Complaint filed in 2015, Wells Fargo claimed that […]


No. 1,365 At a recent Civil Practice seminar, it was announced that Special Motions Judge Robert Colville will experimentally accept consent orders signed off by all counsel or certified by counsel as consented by all, by mail or drop off any day of the week. Eligible proposed orders must be true consent orders, not ones […]

On the Witness Stand: Tell Me Your Story.

No. 1,360 As the day comes closer, many people become apprehensive about giving testimony in court.  One way to relieve the tension is for the witness to rehearse the testimony with counsel.  This enables the witness to obtain a good idea of what he/she is expected to say.  Extraneous information can be culled away. Don’t […]

Excessively Rambling Briefs Do Not Persuade. No Kidding!

No. 1,352 How would you like to open your mail and receive an opinion on your appeal that begins like this? “We note at the outset that at seventy-eight pages, Appellant’s brief is more than two and a half times the ‘safe harbor’ maximum of thirty pages (2.6 times, to be precise). Counsel for Appellant […]

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