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The Stereotype of the Predatory Lawyer is Unfair, but Durable.

No. 1,600

Yes, this Patch is the Real Thing.

No. 1,565 You can order it at the Decal and Patch Shop on Etsy.

The Ultimate Contract of Adhesion

No. 1,543 This is too good to take the chance you won’t click the link.  Plus, after reading this, you may not be in the mood to click any links for a while.  This masterpiece appeared in a blog called the Babylon Bee. http://BOSTON, MA—Local man Justin Fuller immediately fell dead after clicking “I have […]


No. 1,524 JACK SEZ:  The Pirates have had a lot of bad luck lately, but their luck will change today.  They don’t play.


No. 1,523 JACK SEZ:  You know you are getting old when you do not recognize some of the tunes on your favorite oldies radio station because they are too recent.

Bad links and the Obituary to End All

No. 1,302 If you cannot open a link, let me know in the message box in the right-hand column of this blog and I will email the item to you. I recently received an inquiry from a reader stating that the obituary in No. 1,300 would not open.  I tried it and it worked for me. […]

All the Comforts of Home.

No. 1,268

Screenshot: Thanks, Law is Cool.com

No. 864

Client Correspondence

No. 832     Thanks to The Lawyerist.

Overcoming Overwhelming Odds: A Case in Point.

No. 770 When it happens in New York it makes national news.  When much the same thing happened in Pittsburgh some years ago, it made local news. Yet something even more remarkable happened after the Pittsburgh event that didn’t make the news at all, a story worth telling. One afternoon, I was asked to help […]

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