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PA Appellate Courts Schedule Arguments Using Electronic Media

No. 1,642 PA appellate courts have announced arguments to be conducted by electronic media, reports Howard Bashman in his blog “How Appealing.” Here is what he stated on April 22, including links: The state appellate courts of Pennsylvania have announced plans for the video or telephonic oral argument of appeals: The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania […]

Taking Notes the 21st Century

No. 1,412 Taking notes during the day really is a good idea.  You can’t remember everything.  You don’t remember some things correctly.  And sometimes, hopefully not too often, you don’t remember anything without consulting your notes. Effective note taking requires being organized — you have to have your act together.  Keeping track of notebooks or […]

Computers Won’t Replace Lawyers, But They Are Making Us Better and More Productive.

People have been constantly predicting that automation would cause mass unemployment for at least a century. In one sense, it does. But temporarily.

Dictionary.com Announces Apple Watch App.

While looking up the word “pled” in Dictionary.com, I discovered that we will soon be able to get a Dictionary.com app for the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch as a Productivity Tool.

No. 1,139 The first Apple Watches are scheduled to ship on or about April 24.  Like children anticipating Christmas, many can hardly wait.  But the Apple Watch is not an expensive toy.  It is a tool, a valuable one for people who are out and about, including busy lawyers. Time Management Ninja, a blog by […]

Internet Explorer and On-line Filing in the Allegheny County Department of Court Records

No. 1,138 Back in the day, Internet Explorer (IE) was the overwhelming favorite web browser, attaining its peak of about a 95% usage share in 2002 and 2003, according to Wikipedia. The article stated: “Its usage share has since declined with the launch of Firefox (2004) and Google Chrome (2008), and with the growing popularity of operating systems such […]

Robotic Lawyers and Other Science Fiction About the Future.

No. 1,136 A filler article in USA Today recently listed “small-time” lawyers as a professional group that will not exist in 15 years. It states that computers will take over the services presently being performed by these lawyers. Such predictions are not new. The age of artificial intelligence is dawning.  The IBM Watson computer, which beat […]

While You Weren’t Looking, Your Smart Phone Became Indispensable.

No. 1,088 When somebody hands you a business card, notice whether there is a cell phone number listed. Ten years ago, few of us gave our cell phone number to strangers.  Even after we stopped paying for incoming calls, we were careful about who could call us day or night, wherever we might be. Not […]

Text Messages as Evidence — how to do it and how not to do it.

I use the instant message feature on my computer to display one or more messages on my desktop computer screen. Then I take and save a screen shot and save it to the desktop or a file. I can then print it out. The text is dated. You can also copy it to an email and send it to yourself or anyone else.

The Google Glass Lawyer

No. 957 There was a lot drooling in the offices of Biglaw partners the other day when rumors started going around about Google Glass, the camera and so-much-more weararable computer.  It combines smartphone functions with a pair of spectacles.  It takes pictures, can make You Tube Videos of everything you see, project information from the […]

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