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Ten Years and over 1,500 Posts

No. 1,528 Ten Years is a long time for a blog.  It is exceptionally long for a legal blog.  Nearly all lawyer bloggers run out of juice long before then.  Ten years in, Pittsburgh Legal Back Talk is not only going strong but, if you will allow me a bit of self-congratulation, is going stronger […]

I know you’re out there, Adrian Baron, alias THE Nutmeg Lawyer!

No. 1,430 I have been getting messages from you on Twitter.  So I know you’re out in cyberspace somewhere.  Eventually, I even figured out how to find your revived blog.  Or is it revised blog? God put me on this Earth in the latter half of the 20th Century in order to teach me that […]


In the coming year, I intend to post more and make most of them shorter. To celebrate the anniversary, I am beginning to put together an ebook containing a selection of posts I like the best. It won’t be too long and like the blog itself, it will be free.

Two Entertaining Blawgs from Sunny Florida.

No. 1,340 1.  Gerstein Justice Building Blog, aka Rumpole Blog. 2. Southern District of Florida Blog, which just celebrated it 12th birthday with over 3,000 posts.

Judge Richard Kopf: Still Crazy After All These Years

No. 1,314 I knew it couldn’t last. Judge Richard Kopf, a Senior United States District Judge in Nebraska, is blogging again. He shut down his long-time site,Hercules and the Umpire, a couple of years ago because court employees stated in a poll that they thought that the blog reflected poorly on the reputation of the […]

Why Blog? 10.5 Reasons.

Lawyers are often advised by marketing professionals to blog because it is good marketing. The AVVO blog recently announced an inexpensive and easy to use blogging vehicle for lawyers. If you have a modest marketing budget, investing in a blog will buy you more effective advertising than any other vehicle, including Google pay per click ads.

Judge Kopf Discontinues his Blog “Hercules and the Umpire” but States that the Cruz Statement was not Involved in the Decision.

U.S. District Judge Richard Kopf has discontinued blogging because employees of his District of Nebraska think that “Hercules and the Umpire” is an embarrassment to the court, according to the ABA Journal. He said that the welfare of District of Nebraska is his primary concern and that if its employees think the blog embarrasses the District, it is not in its best interest. Kopf says that there are no disciplinary complaints or medical/mental health reasons involved.

Justice Don Willett, Tweeter Laureate of Texas, is Worth the Follow on Twitter.

No. 1,180 Another member of the Bench who is savvy about social media is Texas Justice Don Willett, who was recently name Tweeter Laureate by the Texas Legislature. So what does a State Supreme Court Justice tweet about? See for yourself.

Hercules and the Umpire — a small sample

No. 1,179 Federal Judge Richard G. Kopf is a fearless blogger, as this partial reprint will attest.  Does he mean all the stuff he says below?  I don’t know.  Some of it, I guess.  But judges are pretty fearsome, even if they don’t offer to shoot you if you plan an unscheduled home visit. By […]

While We weren’t Looking, Pittsburgh Legal Back Talk Rose to No. 152 in Law Blog Rankings.

I haven’t read the AVVO law blog rankings for a while, so it was a pleasant surpass to see that PLBT had risen to number 152 among law blogs in number of visits.

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CLIFF TUTTLE has been a Pennsylvania lawyer for over 45 years and (inter alia) is a real estate litigator and legal writer. The posts in this blog are intended to provide general information about legal topics of interest to lawyers and consumers with a Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania focus. However, this information does not constitute legal advice and there is no lawyer-client relationship created when you read this blog. You are encouraged to leave comments but be aware that posted comments can be read by others. If you wish to contact me in privacy, please use the Contact Form located immediately below this message. I will reply promptly and in strict confidence.

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