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While We weren’t Looking, Pittsburgh Legal Back Talk Rose to No. 152 in Law Blog Rankings.

Posted By Cliff Tuttle | September 29, 2014

No. 1,105 I haven’t read the AVVO law blog rankings for a while, so it was a pleasant surprise to see that PLBT had risen to number 152 among law blogs in number of visits. Not that my goal has ever been to have a high number, but it was depressing to see PLBT down in the 300’s — especially when it was being outranked by certain blogs that had shut down years ago.  My goal has always been to provide an interesting discussion of interesting legal topics, with a Western PA emphasis.  Rankings are not the goal, but its nice to be appreciated. Staying fresh is a problem for blogs of every kind.  You can’t say the same thing over and over without becoming a crashing bore.  In addition, you often can’t talk at all about exciting issues that you are in the process of litigating.  Ethics, you know.

Mike Nifong Image: thesmokinggun.com

Mike Nifong
Image: thesmokinggun.com

I  noticed that a venerable blog I often read stopped posting this July, Durham in Wonderland. Although it last posted in July, it still outranks PLBT on the AVVO charts by a few slots.  This blog followed a single case, the criminal prosecution of the Duke University lacrosse team, starting in 2006, by now-infamous Durham NC DA Mike Nifong.  When the evidence starting turning the other way, Nifong started manufacturing his own. And it eventually developed that he hid the key DNA evidence that exonerated the defendants.  When the dust had finally settled, Nifong was disbarred. But the blog, Durham in Wonderland, went on and on. I had considered starting a similar one-case blog on Sandusky and its spin-offs. That might have worked out fairly well, since the legislation generated by the Sandusky case is voluminous and the the Penn State  trials are still in the future. But I’m glad I never followed up on that.  There would have been a lot work to put out such a publication.  But I knew that that my heart wouldn’t have been in it.  And that’s the secret to keeping it fresh. CLT


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