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Bridging the Continents

No. 1,505 Here’s something cooling to look at.  But you will never guess what it is. This is the Lief the Lucky Bridge in Iceland.  On the right is the Eurasian Plate.  On Your left is the North American Plate. In the sky is the Northern Lights. Courtesy of atlasobscura.com, one of our favorite blog […]

Thinking Inside the Box

No. 1,499 Thought for the day. We all  live in a fragile physical envelope that is custom made for our survival.  But just outside, the conditions are hostile to our continued existence.  We would all die in an instant. Just saying. CLT

Take Two — Did The Scammers Read Blog Post 1,210?

No. 1,213

Ben & Jerry Celebrate Same Sex Marriage With an Old Flavor, New Name.

No. 1,190

Graphic of the Week: Busy Bee by Time Management Ninja.

No. 1,049

What is wrong with this notice, purportedly from Apple?

Here is an email that I received last night, purportedly from Apple, telling me that my account has been frozen, due to massive unauthorized attempts to log in from an unknown location.

I Thought Claudette Colbert Must Be Dead By Now.

No. 1,028  

Screenshot: Blocking the View.

No. 904 Courtesy of Overlawyered, of course.  Could this Warning have prevented the Defenestration of Prague?

Is this How It All Began?

No. 868

Holiday Screenshot.

No. 867  

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