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Whose watching the Store at Ask Avvo? Nobody Home But Us Robots.

No. 1,617 I’m a big Avvo fan.  They have a Q&A feature where people can ask questions to lawyers and get answers.  I participate in it and answer lots of them.  However, the intake, as far as I can discern, does not have a human moderator. A computer evaluates the question and assigns it to […]

AVVO ANSWER: How Landlord Gains Possession after Magistrate Judgment.

No. 1,522  

Recovery of Real Property Action is Not Just for Landlords and Tenants

No. 1,493  

AVVO ANSWER: Tenant wants to sue landlord after house is condemned as unfit for human habitation.

No. 1,411

Notice to Quit must Be in writing and hand-delivered; but may be waived in the lease.

No. 1,410

Noisy Neighbor? Consider Moving.

No. 1,407 Here’s an AVVO Answer Question I answered today.  The noisy neighbor problem is a common one in apartment buildings and is especially vexatious when the Landlord will do nothing about it. In some communities, the Landlord has an incentive to evict a noisy tenant because the municipality will charge the owner ( landlord) […]

TENANT: Make Sure You Know What You Are Getting Before Signing Lease.

No. 1,344 I get variations on this question, which I answered below in AVVO, all of the time.  Although under the law of contracts, the landlord did not provide what was bargained for, as a practical matter, the tenant has no remedy.  

CLT an AVVO Answers Top Contributor for 2014

I just received notice that I am once again a top contributor to AVVO, as was the case last year. Those contributions were in the form of questions answered through AVVO about real estate and landlord tenant law. I have been doing this almost since the beginning of AVVO. I am currently no. 58 in the all-time rankings for landlord tenant submissions.

The Last Bastion of Smoking is Collapsing — the Home.

No. 1,107 The Allegheny County Housing Authority recently announced that it is banning smoking inside the building at 5 public housing locations. As the New York Times and many other publications have observed, this is a national trend. Of course, some residents have expressed outrage and disbelief that the Constitution does not protect them from […]

An Interesting Exchange over Judgment and Execution.

No. 762 Expert Advice When You Need It Most Can a writ of execution be issued the same day a judgment is awarded or must you give notice? Asked 2 days ago – Sarver, PA Practice area: Debt Collection – Edit Had someone file at court records department for a judgment and at the same time […]

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