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Take That, You Dirty Cockroach!

No. 1,550 Today was Landlord-Tenant Day in Arbitration.  They only have two of them in July and two in August.  The assembly room for litigants was packed to capacity.  Suddenly, a cockroach ran out into the middle of the floor.  To say that it caused an uproar is an understatement. All rise! Everyone snatched their […]

Family Feedback — What a Concept!

No. 1,547 I was over at the Family Division building (formerly the jail) today.  I don’t go there much, so I never noticed the feedback machine on the way out.  It may have been there for years or installed today. This one uses four emoji to ask you one question.  Its brilliant.  People get a […]

Peace and Serenity at the Courthouse Door

No. 1,502 Just in case you never noticed, the courtyard of the Family Division Courthouse is a pleasant oasis in the middle of downtown Pittsburgh. An inviting place to eat your lunch and watch the squirrels and decompress.

Statuary of a Historic Court House

No. 1,459 On this 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of Martin Luther King, we visit the Old St. Louis County Court House (no longer in use as a court house) where the Dred Scott case was tried. Both the original trial and the appeal to the Missouri Supreme Court occurred in this building. The statue […]

Signs of the Times: Laying Down the Law at the Butler County Courthouse.

This sign was posted outside a courtroom in the Butler County Court House. Justice is not blind in all cases.

More Scales of Justice

No. 1,103 This fine museum piece is also displayed in the basement of the Washington County Court House — next to the bubble gum machine and doctor’s office scale.

Scales of Justice

No. 1,102 In the lower level of the Washington County Court House, near the jury room and the public restrooms, is an old mechanical scale, like the one in the doctor’s office, only an antique.  You can weigh yourself for free and then, if the reading is not too high, buy yourself a bubble gum […]


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